January 20th, 2017

Gymnastics (Courtesy of CFM/Power Monkey)
A. Strict muscle up x2 reps – work on fast explosive pull w/ slow controlled decent x8-10 sets
shoot for doubles – keep feet out in front of body with toes pointed

B. Candlestick to pistol x5 reps per leg x 2 sets
**warm up with 20 feet together air squats as low as possible w/ 3 second pause in bottom
– does not have to be unbroken

(C1-C3 can be done after the workout)
C1. 1 min Sorensen hold x 3 sets
C2. 1 min weighted plank hold x 3 sets
C3. 1 min weighted hollow hold x 3 sets

A. Muscle Snatch – heavy triple
B. Clean & Jerk; 80%x(1+1)x2; 85%x(1+1)x2
C. Back Squat; 80%x3x3

14 minute amrap:
7 Push Press @135/95
7 Burpee Box Jump Over @24″/20″
10 CTB
7 Push Press
15 CTB
7 Push Press
….etc, adding 5 reps to the CTB and keeping the PP/BBJO the same



  1. Gymnastics:
    Stricties- 7-8 of them
    Pistols- done
    Core work- done

    A) 155
    B) 245×2, 255×2, 275, 315 (missed jerk)
    C) 325

    16 reps into the 40 Chest to bar (268 reps total, 156 were CTB)



  2. A. 10 sets of 2.
    B. Candlesticks done. Fun drill.
    C. Will do core work at later date.

    A. 115
    B. 195, 210
    C. 255 (felt hard)

    Conditioning: 2 reps into round of 35. Whole workout I was trying not to rip on a tender spot. Ended up ripping somewhere else 13 into the round of 30. Bummer.

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  3. Did this one at Crossfit Ft. Lauderdale. So humid.

    A. Done on low rings with a band. Worried about needing a tetanus shot from rusty rings 😦
    B. done – these felt a little shaky on the getting up part.
    C. Done with 25# after workout.

    A. working with metric plates…think it was around 105#
    B. found the lb plates: 128 and 135. These felt pretty good for cleans, but I was missing my lifting shoes.
    C. 195# 3rd one was definitely hard.

    Got through the round of 25. Pull ups were hard!



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