January, 2017

A. Snatch Balance; 50%x1; 60%x1; 70%x1; 80%x1; 90%1; Heavy Single
B. Snatch; 70%x3; 75%x3; 80%x3x2 (take 10 seconds between lifts)
C, Front Squat; 70%x3; 80%x2; 90%x1

For time:
20 Power Cleans @185-205/115-135*
20/15 Ring Muscle Ups
20 Back Squats @185-205/115-135 (you can use a rack for this portion)
20 Strict HSPUs to 4/2β€³ Deficit

*Use ~80% of your max power clean
*Compare to October 21st, 2016

Rest 7-10 minutes, then…

10—>1 @steady grind:
Strict Ring Dips
Strict CTB Pull-ups



  1. A: worked up to 103
    B: 84, 93, 98×2
    C: 133, 148, 168 – these felt good today

    133#, kipping hspus with 2 25# plates, and low band muscle ups with the blue band. Got through the power cleans in 2 mins, through the muscle ups at 8:30, finished the squats around 10:30 – then SUCKED on the handstand pushups. Almost flipped out about halfway through them after i failed about 6 in a row, then relaxed and finished at 20:53. not the best workout, but i guess these days are what makes you better.

    Did the second part starting at 8 reps – forgot to time it, but probably took around 20 mins

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  2. A. 53,73, 83, 93, 103
    B. 73, 83, 88
    C. 153, 173, 188

    Snatches felt really good!

    Getting over a bug of some kind (hence not posting on here since Wednesday, and also explains why I felt like a bucket of poo during Wednesday’s workout) so I wasn’t feeling quite up to the full programmed conditioning.

    Did the class conditioning with MUs instead of T2B.

    16 min EMOM
    3 cleans (I did 135 PCs)
    1 or 2 MU (made 2 attempts each time, made 2 a few times)
    40 DU

    Felt much better after getting a sweat on!

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  3. A. 110-220
    B. 155-175
    C. 235/265/305

    D. 15:50 @ 205 and 2″ deficit. Absolutely brutal with the HSPU. Cleans as singles. MU (8/5/6/1) – pissed to have failed that last rep and having to drop down for a single. Mental weakness on the turnover. BS UB. HSPU, started as triples, then done as doubles.

    E. Done — didn’t time it. Just went at “SLOW grind”.

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  4. A) 215
    B) 170-185
    *felt a bit off today. Mostly in the receiving position.
    C) 270, 305, 345

    D) 11:14 (2:44 PR)
    MU= 7,7,3,3 (last time 7,7,6 but with much longer breaks and took 5 minutes to do cleans last time)
    BS= Unbroken, From floor and back to floor in :45 seconds.
    HSPU: Fuck these were hard. Never did a set bigger than three.

    E) 14:04
    *This was very challenging after the above piece.



  5. Barbell
    A. 63/73/84/96/108/113
    B. 84/90/96
    C. 143/163/183. Didn’t fail at 90% this week, so that was great.

    Did cleans at 128 and low ring mu’s with orange band
    I want to say this took 14 min and change, but I don’t recall for certain.

    10-1: just over 10 min. I think.
    So sore from all those ring dips.
    failed to get low enough on a few of the hspus.



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