January 13th, 2016

*Since many of you are traveling, today will be a bit shorter (though not easier). Conditioning has a goal of consistent 80-85% effort on each set; The gymnastics work at the beginning is optional.

A. Strict Muscle Up work; 2-3 UB reps E90sec x 3-5 sets is goal
B. Ring Swing x 5 + Kipping MU x 3-5 + 5 kipping ring dips x 3-4 sets

15 wall ball 20/14 to 10’/9′
15 KB swing 53/35
15 box jump step down 24″/20″
60 double under
15 burpee
15 hang power snatch 75/55

Rest 3 minutes
x5 sets*

Each set MUST be completed in a different order. Write out 5 versions of this, and look to keep the same time for each one.


One Comment

  1. Gymnastics
    A. Done on low rings – some with band, some without. 4 per set.
    B. Did ring swings, then switched to low rings. Really struggled on form on the swings.

    This was a tough day. Was averaging 5:30 per round through the first 3, then went to 6 and 6:30. Then I fell on a box jump. Double unders were not going well, couldn’t seem to link them. I was very tired. Managed to finish…bleeding.



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