January 6th, 2017

Gymnastics (Courtesy of CFM/PowerMonkey)
A. Strict MU work – 8-12 reps (focus on quality)
B. Ring swings x 5 + kipping MU x 3-5 + 5 kipping ring dips x 3 sets
C. Tempo HS walks – 10 -20 meters x 3 sets as slow as possible
(don’t stop motion, feet together)

A. No Hook/No Contact Clean; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2
B. Clean; 80%x2 reps OTM x 3; 85%x1 rep OTM x 3; 90%x1 rep OT90second x 2
C. Front Squat; 80%x3; 85%x2; 90%x1

120 Double Unders
60 Calorie Row
50 Pull-ups
40 Wall Balls (30/20 lb)

Rest 3 minutes, then….

100 Double Unders
50 Calorie Row
40 Pull-ups
30 Wall Balls (30/20 lb)

Rest 3 minutes, then….

80 Double Unders
40 Calorie Row
30 Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls



  1. A. 4-4-4
    B. 5-5-5
    C. 10mx3

    B. 205-215-230
    C. 240-255-270


    Metcons were terrible. Wasn’t gassed but I legit couldn’t do DU. Biggest set out of all rounds was like 20? I had to use a gym rope which felt weighted haha. I almost lost my cool but I kept it together and finished. I know all these times should be like 8-7-6 minute time frame but day 4 in a row it just didn’t happen. Traveling tomorrow so it’s a rest day.




  2. I was running short on time so cut some things on day 5 in a row.

    A. 2-2-2-2
    B. 4-4-4
    C. skipped

    B. 94-100-106kg
    C. 103-109-115kg

    skipped first part
    9:42 used 24#
    6:54 used 24#

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  3. A. 6 singles
    B. 1,1, failed my third and fourth attempts 😭 Haven’t been practicing these as much lately (obviously) so I’m looking forward to getting more proficient!
    C. Did wall runs.

    A. 83,103,113
    B. 138,143,153
    C. 168,178,188

    Didn’t have time to do the last part, but I can’t say I was super upset about it. First time using the 20# wall balls in about a year. I died multiple times during this.



  4. A) Ring thing, followed by a bunch of attempts and one successful try lol
    B) Done
    C) Done

    A) 185, 205, 230
    B) 265, 280, 300
    C) 305, 325, 345

    D1) 8:10
    D2) 7:10
    D3) 5:10

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  5. A) ring thing
    B) swings done on high rings, rest done on low rings with band, and dips done without band
    C) wall runs

    A) 83, 98, 113
    B) 133, 143, 148 – these felt good today!
    C) 148, 158, 165

    D1) 14:57
    D2) 12:15
    D3) 8:54

    Pretty happy with the times considering how much I suck at pullups. just grinded through them in sets of three. Tough workout!

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  6. A. 3×4
    B. Done x 5
    C. Not sure how far I actually went, but these felt pretty decent today.


    145-200 (last set always gets sloppy)
    230/245/255 – felt decent here

    Conditioning – only made it through round 1. I think just over 10 minutes here. Can’t seem to shake this head cold. Difficult to breathe through most of this. Will see how I feel with tomorrow’s piece. Will definitely do the lifting. Feel my way through the bike. Onward.

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  7. Only had time for Conditioning on Friday, most of rest made up on Sat. a.m

    A. done on low rings with band.
    B. skipped
    C. Just worked on HS walks for 10 min.

    A. 83/96/113
    B. 128/136/144 – these were definitely challenging
    C. 163/173/183. I failed the 90%. Moved on because I had 2 days worth of strength to make up.

    17:00/14:30/10:50 …if it weren’t for the pull ups, this would have gone a lot faster…



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