January 4th, 2017

Gymnastics (Courtesy of CFM/PowerMonkey)
A. 3 Kipping PU + 3 butterfly pu + 3 C2B kipping PU + 3 butterfly C2B PU + 3 bar MU
x 3 sets **come down for breaks if you need to
B1. Strict deficit HSPU x 3-5 x 3 sets **tough deficit
B2. Rope climbs x 3 x 3 sets **feet coming down and work on this skill
B3 kipping HSPU – no deficit – work on the skill for 12-15 reps w/ 3 sec. lockout

10 Overhead Squats @60-65% of Snatch (continuous movement)
10 Toes to Bar (continuous)
75 Second AB @90% (same pace for all sets)
Rest 2 minutes
Rest 5 minutes
10 TnG Deadlifts
8 Bar-Facing Burpees
60 Second AB @90% (same pace for all sets; faster than above)
Rest 2 minutes
Rest 5 minutes
45 Second AB @max
Rest 6 minutes (try to move around the whole time)
x 2



  1. Early 5am session today. GOOD.
    A. Done. Second set UB. Third set was shit. Cold bar and hands hurt.
    B. 5-3-3 at 4″
    3 RC and 5 HSPU
    120 OHS. UB on all sets on toes to bar too
    Cals: 22-22-22

    225 on deads. UB. Cals: 18/17/18

    Sprints: 18/25 cals.
    Was tough!

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  2. A. Done — all UB. Thank you Mr. Marsh for warming up the bars for us! 😉

    B. 1. 5-3-5 @ 3″ 2. Worked on quickly establishing my foot lock on my initial jump. 3. 5 reps (felt good)


    1. Done @ 145 w/ jerk grip. 26/25/25

    2. Done @ 225. 20/19/20

    3. 25/25

    Same as last week. Absolutely demolished. Speaking in tongues by the end of it. The last AB sprint cost my my hearing. I was deaf for somewhere between 3 and 5 seconds. Got a little cold that’s now in full swing — rest, feed, and hydrate over the next 36 hours to try and beat this bug. Ready for a rest day. Great work Alanna and Jake — could’ve gotten much uglier without you both keeping up the pace.

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  3. A. Kipping C2Bs were attempts. Came down between PUs and MUs, but managed all MUs UB. Yay!
    B1, B2, B3 done. Did not use a deficit doe.

    15,14,15 @63#
    9,10,11 @153#
    Thanks for the push on that last sprint ACM and Jake 🙂

    Current feels: 🤢

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  4. A: had to come down between each set of three, my hands hurt sooo bad today haha. managed to do the butterfly regular pull ups but the C2B were pretty much practice on form. Muscle ups weren’t happening today.
    B1-3, done, didn’t use deficit for the strict ones, did to one abmat with no plates, did the kipping with plates.

    16, 17, 17 @63#
    12, 13, 13 @ 153#
    16, 17

    I put sole blame on the AB for my monster quads. They were burninggggg after.



  5. New to the group and first time poster. 🙌🏻
    Cooper showed me the way…..
    I’m located here in Brooklyn, NY with CrossFit Outbreak and been following for about a month now and love the program.

    Last week almost threw up, this week hurt a lot more.
    A: had to come down as well between all the PU and BMU but still working on bf c2b.
    B: Done. modified a bit and got into rhythm on the later rounds.
    Used 1″ deficit for 3 strict and about 10 kipping hspu. The second round I figured out how to go back up the rope. First time ever doing that. 🙈

    125# on OHS and ub TTB.

    DL 225#
    I think it was a combination of going a little too hard on the first section and a little too heavy on the second section I legit died .

    18,20cal at end.

    Cooper has been to our East Williamsburg location and there’s about six stairs going down I had to roll onto the boxes and lower myself down to the ground because I couldn’t walk down the stairs five minutes after work out .

    Keep it up guys!

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  6. A. Jumped off a after c2b to reset my grip for mu’s every round
    B. 5×3 with 4″
    B2. 3 rc
    B3. 12 worked on rhythm
    C1. 20, 19,18 at 120# all reps ub
    C2, 13,14,12 at 225# all reps ub
    C3, 19, 20 got my shit kicked in! Kept my rpm’s at 80-82

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  7. Gymnastics
    A. All PUs unbroken. Came down between each MU. Failed only once.
    B1. Did 4 each round with 2 25# plates and abmat. Tough, but doable.
    B2. I got through these. Still do not like them.
    B3. I actually practiced kipping ones today, they still hurt my neck and feel much slower than strict.

    Conditioning – I was glad I was able to push myself and keep cals pretty consistent – definitely had jello legs at the end.
    18/17/18, OHS at 73, all reps unbroken
    12/11/12, DL at 153, all reps unbroken – these were the worst



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