January 3rd, 2017

A. Push Jerk Clusters; 2.2.1 .1 x 4 (rest 20 seconds between clusters, 2 minutes between sets) @75-80%
B. Power Clean from Blocks @knee; 70%x2x2; 80%x2x3
C. Snatch Deadlift from 2″ defecit w/pause @knee; 80%x5; 90%x3; 100%x1

Landmine Press x 8/arm x 3
Heavy Farmer’s Walk x 200ft x 3

250 Meter Row*
Rest time=work time

*MUST increase pace by 2 seconds/500m every set, finishing at 95-100%.



  1. A. 93,103,108,113
    These were rough after all the jerks yesterday. My shoulders are sore AF.
    B. 108,123
    C. 83,103,123

    Landmine: 53,58,63
    Farmer’s Carry: 32kg/arm x 3

    1:02.7, 1:00.5, 1:00.3, :59.2, :58,8, :58.2, :58.3, 57.5

    Had a tough time getting my pacing consistent within each 250 meter piece.



  2. A. 123/123/133/133
    B. 123/143
    C. 93/113/130
    D. #30lbs on women’s bar
    E. 1:03.5/1:02.5/1:01.8/1:01.2/1:00.5/59.6/58.7/53.5
    Def could have started faster just had little idea what my % was whoops, live and learn



  3. A: 123 across
    B: 113, 133
    C: 93, 108, 118
    D: womens bar plus 23#, 70# kbs each hand

    Rows:1:07, 1:05, 1:02, 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 58, 56 – had a hard time keeping a steady pace for the 250m. Also definitely started slower than I should have. I misread this and thought it was a total of 2 seconds faster each time rather than based off the 500m pace – so started much slower than I should have.

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  4. Barbell
    A. 133 & 138 (2 sets each)
    B. 113 & 128.
    C. 96/103/108/120

    Landmine: 35/45/50 on 35# bar
    Farmer’s Walk: used 70# kb/each arm

    Row: 1:03/1:03/1:02/1:01/:59/:59/:57/:56
    Not sure I did the timing quite correctly based on reading comments above, but I’m generally feeling better about my ability to pace a row, so I definitely got something out of this.

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