December 30th, 2016

A. E2MOM – 3-5 kipping Muscle Ups for 20 total reps
B. OTM x 12:
Min 1: 3 Strict Defecit HSPUs
Min 2: 6 Kipping HSPUs (from same defecit)
Min 3: 9 Straight Leg Kipping Toes to Bar

A. No Hook/No Contact Clean; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2
B. Clean; 80%x2 reps OTM x 4
C. Front Squat; 70%x5x2; 75%x3x2

5 rounds for time
10 Power Snatches @75/55
15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs)
250 Meter Run

**work on breathing steadily throughout



  1. First day back from a nagging back and Achilles injury.

    Had to modify and change a lingo today but it felt good to sweat and move.
    Did a 3 minute Emom of 5 strict HSPU

    Then muscle clean 3×2 at 95
    2×2 power Clean at 115
    2×2 squat clean at 115
    2×2 squat clean at 135

    Then 5RFT:
    10 hang power snatch at 75
    5 strict pull ups
    10 wall balls 20#
    5 cals on assault bike


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  2. Had a gymnastics session this morning.

    A) 155, 190
    B) 265×2 x4 OTM
    C) 275, 285

    *broke chest to bar in sets 2 and 5. Other than that it was all unbroken.

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  3. Dropped in at CVCF again today — Hit their class workout followed by our gymnastics and lifting pieces

    AMRAP 20:

    30 Alt Lunges

    MU: Done in sets of 5

    EMOM – 3″ deficit. Subbed 12 V ups for 9 TTB.

    Barbell – 145-200 (last set was sloppy)/235×2 OTM felt good here/235 and 255 for FS sets. These felt solid as well.

    Got most of this weeks work done, but definitely feeling the fatigue after using my legs in an unfamiliar way while skiing. Looking forward to getting back into a routine next week.

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