December 27th, 2016

A. Push Jerk Clusters; 3.2.1 x 4 (rest 15 seconds b/t clusters, rest 90 seconds between sets) @ 70-75% of PJ
B. Power Clean off Blocks @knee; 70%x2x5 (OTM)
C. Snatch Deadlift from 2″ deficit w/pause @knee; 80%x5x3

DB Arnold Press x 8/arm x 3
Single Arm Farmer’s Carry x 100ft/side x 3

5 minute warmup ski
150 meter ski sprint @95%
2 minute recovery bike
x 10 sets
5 minute cooldown



  1. Jumped in with the class today – Every two mins for 16 mins power clean, hang clean, full clean – worked up to 138 – form sucked today.

    Did the class workout, then when done, did the ski erg portion of this workout, averaging between 33-35 seconds per round. Fun day!



  2. A. 175×2/185/190 the cycling felt pretty decent here.
    B.185 – becoming much more comfortable working off the blocks. a great chance to emphasize set up, especially with regards to making sure my back is set and posterior chain is loaded.
    C. 175 – these still blow up my lower back, but there has definitely been improvement.

    skipped middle portion


    Ranged from 29.5-31.1 seconds for all 10 sets

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