December 19th, 2016

**Lighter week this week; Wednesday will be our “12 days” workout

Shoulder Prep (Theraband or Crossover)
Foam Roll Lats, Pecs, Upper Back (1 Minute each)
PVC Weighted Pass Throughs
Side Lying DB External Rotation x 10/side
Single Leg RDL by feel
Jefferson Curl by feel

A. No Foot Movement Snatch Balance x3x4 based off feel (nothing over 80%)
B. Snatch Pull off Blocks + Snatch; 50%x2x2; 60%x2x2; 70%x2x2
C. Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2x2; 80%x2

2 Rounds for time of:
7 Squat Clean Thrusters @185/125
35 Toes to Bar



  1. Warmup done

    A. Worked up to 93#
    B. 63/73/83
    C. 83/96/113/120 The 120s felt harder than they should have.

    125 was heavy. Prob should have done less and gotten 14 actual thrusters. Toes to bar reallly slowed down in second round.

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