December 14th, 2016

Shoulder Prep (Theraband or Crossover)
Foam Roll Lats, Pecs, Upper Back (1 Minute each)
PVC Weighted Pass Throughs
Side Lying DB External Rotation x 10/side
Single Leg RDL by feel
Jefferson Curl by feel

EMOM x 15:
Min 1: 3-4 Strict MUs
Min 2: 6-8 Strict HSPUs
Min 3: 50 DUs

A. Dead-Stop (Bottom’s Up) Front Squat; 70%x3x5
B. Weighted Wide Grip Pull-ups;

8 minutes @80-85%:
.3 mile AB
7 Power Cleans @135
7 Kipping HSPUs

Rest 4 minutes

8 minutes @80-85%:
20 Cal Row
10 Squat Snatches @95
3 Bar Muscle Ups

Rest 4 minutes

8 minutes @80-85%:
150m Run
10 KB Swings @32kg
10 Burpees



  1. Gymnastics: Done weighted on the ring thing with 16kgs, 4 each time, tried to control the eccentric movement too, hspus done as negatives and then a kipping hspu on the way up

    DSFS: 133#, weighted pullups, with a whole extra 5# haha

    3 rounds plus a .3 bike, 7 cleans, and 4 hspus (actually did these with 25 plates on each side and they went so much better than they used to! pretty happy about that)

    1 round + 20 + 10 – note: I made multiple attempts on the bar muscle ups and called it quits on them at about 1.5 or 2 mins of attempts, then continued with the workout. proababy should have done c2b pullups and dips instead, but wanted to try.

    3 rounds + 150m run

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  2. Only had an hour yesterday to workout before I had to head to a rugby meeting, so i had to cut a few things.

    Warm up: done
    Gymnastics: did 3 rounds with MUs on low rings with band. Felt way better today than Monday.
    DU’s unbroken in 2nd 2 sets.

    A. Currently everything hurts when I front squat (wrist, knee, back, hip). I really hurt my wrist last week doing these, so I tried modifying on a regular rack sitting as far down as possible with a long pause. It was nearly as bad.
    143# Did 3 sets.
    B. Use 10# (i think) weight vest. These were fine.

    Round 1: 3 rounds and .3 mile. Cleans were the challenging part
    Round 2: 1 round plus 20cals & 10 snatches. Failed 2/3 MUs in first round. But I went over time to do the last 3 and got all 3. Just need more practice.
    Round 3: had to leave, could not finish.



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