December 12th, 2016

**More intense this week, then we back it off next week

Shoulder Prep (Theraband or Crossover)
Foam Roll Lats, Pecs, Upper Back (1 Minute each)
PVC Weighted Pass Throughs
Side Lying DB External Rotation x 10/side
Single Leg RDL by feel
Jefferson Curl by feel

A. Slow Snatch (5-second pull); 50%x2; 60%x2
B. Hang Snatch + Snatch; 70%x1x2; 75%x1x2 (On the 90-seconds)
C. Snatch; 80%x1x3; 85%x1x3 (singles on the 90-seconds)
D. Front Squat; 80%x3; 85%x2; 90%x1

OHS @205-225/125-135
Rope Climbs

Rest 5-7 minutes

Power Clean @205-225/125-135
Ring Muscle-Ups

Rest 5-7 minutes

Front Squats @205-225/125-135
Strict Defecit HSPUS @4/2″



  1. A. 110/135
    B. 165/175
    C. 185/190
    D. 275/285/305

    Conditioning done at 205

    10:10 @ 2″ deficit

    These were challenging, but fun pieces. Still a little sore coming into today, and felt gassed at certain points. Solid days work. 👍🏻

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  2. A 63, 73
    B 83, 90
    C 95, tried 103, missed twice so went back to 93 to get some good reps in. They felt slow today
    D 143, 158, 163

    Part 1; 8:15 done with climbing weight, 105, 115, 125. This is a super weak movement for me. Missed the last one once. Also took it from a rack
    Part 2: 8:09 done at 133 and with a band on the low rings
    Part 3: 8:33 with 125 and blue 45s and lipping hspus



  3. Really go to try and make an early new years resolution and post in a timely fashion. We’ll see.

    Warm up done

    A. 63 & 73
    B. 83 & 90
    C. 95 & 103 overall snatches felt pretty good. Not too much pain in my back, which I’ve been battling for a few weeks now
    D. 163/173/183. These were ok. Back definitely hurt. Really glad there was only 1 at 183

    9:15 – OHS felt great after I got my balance. Rope climbs were challenging as always
    8something – need to work on form on my cleans. Did the MUs on low rings with a band. My grip was shot after the rope climbs, so these felt much harder than they have the past couple weeks.
    6:40 – done with 1.5 deficit (i tried a little over 2 and i wasn’t getting any). Front squats from the bar, didn’t feel great.

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