November 30th, 2016

Shoulder Prep (Theraband or Crossover)
Foam Roll Lats, Pecs, Upper Back (1 Minute each)
PVC Weighted Pass Throughs
Side Lying DB External Rotation x 10/side
Single Leg RDL by feel
Jefferson Curl by feel

A. 3/2 Strict MUs every 2 minutes x 5 sets
B.(Optional) EMOM x 9
Min 1: Parellette Push-ups x 10
Min 2: Bar Rows x 5 w/3-second hold at chest + 3-second lowering
Min 3: V-Ups x 20

A. Dual KB Front Racked Bulgarian Split Squat x 6/leg x 3 sets
B. Landmine Push Press x 8/side x 3
C. OH Yoke Walk x 50ft x 3

For time:
70 Wall Balls (20/14 lb)
60 Calorie Row
50 Pull-ups
40 Burpees Over the Erg
30 Kipping HSPUs
20 Deadlifts @275/185



  1. A. Done, all 3 SMU UB. Happy with this.

    EMOM 9:
    A. Done
    B. Done at 95#
    C. Done

    A. Done with 35# bells. I probabaly should have used 53# bells, but I wanted to make sure the integrity of movement was there with my weaker side.
    B and C I’ll do tomorrow before coaching, didn’t have this equipment in Brooklyn. WHERE YOKE-MINE AT?!

    Gobble gobble, ya boy is back after hating myself POST 7 min amrap on Monday for not pushing hard enough.
    15:39. I wanted sub 15, and I have it in the tank, just needed to push pace a bit on burpees and deadlifts.

    Wall balls UB
    Cals kept it around 1060, to recover a bit.
    Pull ups: 25-15-10
    Burpees: just stayed moving, solid pace for the first 20, then started to slow them down a bit not to blow up on HSPU.
    HSPU: 5-5-5-5-5-3(failed rep 4)-2
    Deads: 3-3-3-3-5-3 (should have just done like 7-7-6 (I have that in me, just first 3 shocked my system a bit)

    Overall good day. Happy to come home tonight.

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  2. Gymnastics:
    A. 3×5
    Min1: done
    Min2: done with 145
    A. Done with 16kg
    B. Done barbell and 2-25’s
    C. 3 at 265
    Wallballs 25,20,15,10
    Row. Closed my eyes and hoped to get two cals a pull lol
    Pull ups: 20,15, 15
    Burpees: went a bit too hot and died a bit after 25
    K-hspu: ummm I sucked at these! Took a solid 4 min plus. Was only able to get reps of 4 and 3. Turn into a baby and got frustrated
    Deadlifts: 4 sets of 5



  3. A. done on the ring thing, weighted with 30#, 3 each time.

    EMOM 9:
    A. Done
    B. Done at 75#
    C. Done

    A. Done with 12kg kbs
    B: done with 35# on the barbell end
    C: done with a barbell, racked it really high to simulate picking up the yoke, did 133, 143, 153



    Wall balls 20-10-10-10-5-5-5-5 with super quick rest between, didn’t want to smoke myself here because I knew I’d need to have some left in the tank for the harder parts for me in the workout
    Row, finished in about 4 mins
    Pullups – kept to sets of 5 until 20, then broke it up into 3s
    Burpees, just kept moving
    HSPUs – I think I finished the burpees around 18 mins, this is when I got stuck. took me until about 27:30 to finish these.
    Deadlifts, did all singles but quick singles

    Even though I took forever in the workout, it was a good day overall, it felt good to get my ass kicked by a workout. haha.



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