November 28th, 2016

A. 50’ft HS Walk x 2 sets
B. 10/7 Strict HSPUs every 2 minutes x 4 sets
C1. Weighted Hollow hold x 20 seconds x 3
C2. Weighted arch hold x 20 seconds x 3

A. 3-Position Snatch (high hang, mid-thigh, floor);Β  take six sets to build to a heavy, but technically-sound single

7 minute amrap:
7 Overhead Squats (135/95 lbs)
7 Box Jumps (24β€³/20β€³)
7 Toes to Bar



  1. A. Done. Broke on second set.
    B. Done. 6-4 each time except last one was 6-3-1 (fell off wall)
    C. Done with 5# weight on pvc.

    Snatch complex: these felt bad. Built to 145. Was hoping for like 155-165 but that clearly didn’t happen.

    Amrap: 5 rounds + 1 OHS
    Slowed up too much on this. I def could’ve pushed the pace the whole time. Lately I’ve been hit or miss with pushing it real hard on metcon pieces that call for more of a sprint. GOOD.



  2. A: practiced shoulder touches
    B: tried to get five good reps in a row to one ab mat, then finished the other two after resting a bit
    C: done with 2.5# on the pvc pipe

    These snatches went pretty terrible. Only got up to 83# today

    4 rounds, first round done with 93# on the bar, had to drop to 83



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