November 16th, 2016

A. Push Press- Heavy single
B. Weighted Pull-up – 5 attempts at a heavy single

For time:
60 KB Snatches @32/24kg
50 Wall Balls @20/14#
40 Burpee Box Jump-Overs
30 GHD Sit-ups
20 Clean & Jerks @155/105



  1. Push press- 205. Missed 215. I think this is a tied PR or a PR.
    Heavy pull up- strict pronated- 100# with the yellow belt. So 102?! Haha.

    Metcon: 13:42
    Used 53# KB to not fuck with my shoulders too soon after southie.
    KB and WB UB.
    Burpee box jumps just kept moving
    GHDS had to stop at 8 and fix it
    Might of done an extra clean and jerk haha.
    Tough metcon back.

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  2. Push press 205, missed 210
    Pull up, 105, 4-25’s 1-21/2 and yellow belt
    Metcon: 14:19 rx
    Snatched: 6 sets of 5 per arm
    Wall balls: 15,12,12,11
    Box burpees: kicked my ass
    Ghd: 15,10, 5
    Cleans: sets of 5



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