October 21st, 2016

Weighted Strict HSPUs x 4-6 x 4 sets

A. No Hook Muscle Snatch x4x4
B. Snatch; 50%x2, 60%x2, 70%x3x3, 80%x2x3, 85%x2x3
C. Front Squat; 80%x3x5

For time:
20 Power Cleans @185-205/115-135*
20/15 Muscle Ups
20 Back Squats @185-205/115-135 (you can use a rack for this portion)
20 Strict HSPUs to 4/2″ Deficit

*should be ~80% of your max power clean 

Optional Gymnastics Volume Work:
UB Ladder
Straight Leg Kipping Toes to Bar + Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups



  1. Gymnastics: did regular Strict HSPUs to one abmat – they’re getting better, 5×4
    A: 63#
    B: 63×2, 73×2, 83x3x3, 93x2x3, 103x2x2 (read the last part wrong, only did two sets of two) These felt AWESOME today. No misses yaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss
    C: 148x3x5

    133# for cleans, banded low ring muscle ups, 133# for back squats, strict hspus to one ab mat

    I can’t remember for the life of me what my time was on this part – I know I got on the wall for the hspus at about 12 mins, so I think I finished around 15-17 mins?

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  2. Hi, hello, it is me. I am back from my oasis from the blog but I’m going to start making an effort to post more.
    5,4,4,4 with weight vest

    A. 63/73/83/93
    B. 63/78/93/103/108
    C. 168

    #133; broke muscle ups in 5 sets of 3; did a 3″ deficit kipping-ish but mostly strict hspu; 13:15

    Going to try the optional part after I coach, have to get a new tire because apparently I’ve been popping more tires than bottles lately… aye.

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  3. A. 4×4 20#
    B. 95-100-105-110
    C. 95-110-130-145-155 no misses
    D. 225
    E. 16:54 at 185. Did 3-3-2-singles for Power cleans, finished those in about 2:20. Then Muscle ups went 5-5-4-3-3 backsquats 8-7-5
    Strict HSPU at 4″ went 2-singles haha

    Optional piece feels like overkill for tonight. Maybe do it on a rest day like Sunday to move around.

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  4. Gymnastics:
    Was working out in a gym with no vests, so did HSPUs with a deficit of 2 10# weights for sets of 6.

    A. did at 73/83/93/93
    B. 63/73/83/98/103, felt ok till last set.
    C. skipped as I did a wod with front squats previous day.

    This took about 12 minutes. My phone decided to factory reset part of the way through, so do not know exact time.
    Cleans & squats at 128, did MUs on low rings with band



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