October 10th, 2016

*If you guys are down to run the 5k with us at 9:30 am tomorrow, come on out! If you do, try and come in in the PM and hit the gymnastics and strength work.

*As we progress forward in training, I want you all to feel empowered to prioritize the work that is most beneficial for YOU. I am still putting in a lot of pieces, and if you only have 60 minutes in a session, I am more than happy to help you decide which parts are the most important to get done. For today, just consider that, if you skip the core work (Part C of gymnastics), we are no longer cool with one another.

A. False Grip Ring Pull-up to Sternum x 2.1 x 3 (Rest 20 seconds between clusters; Rest 90-120 seconds b/t sets)
B. Russian Dips x 4-5 x 3 (weighted)
C. 3 Rounds:
Arch-ups x 10
Arch Hold x 10 seconds
V-Ups x 10
Hollow Hold x 10 seconds
30ft HS Walk

A. Snatch from Pause @knee; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2x2
B. Snatch; 80%x3; 85%x3
C. Front Squat @40X1; 75%x2x3

5 Minute AMRAP – Squat Clean + Jerk @165/110#
Rest 30 seconds
3 Minute AMRAP – Ring Muscle-Ups
Rest 30 seconds
1 Minute AMRAP – Bike Cals



  1. AM: 5K: 20:09 pr

    A. Done, 2 sets with a weighted vest cause of the Russian dips.
    B. Done with 20#
    C. Done. I’m liking how the 30ft handstand walks are feeling automatic.

    Snatches: 95,105,115
    FS: 215


    Was tough after a 5k.

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  2. Gymnastics – done.
    Not entirely sure about the Russian dips, I’ll ask someone for a demo next time i’m in. No weight used.
    Gotta keep working the handstand walks.

    A. 63/73/84. Shoulders did feel that stable for any of the snatches.
    B. 96/103
    C. 153. Felt fine.

    5 Minute: 20 cleans. Felt terrible.
    3 Minute AMRAP. Used ring thing, but the height was off and it felt very awkward. Only 15
    1 Minute AMRAP. 17 cals with rollover.

    Most of the day felt off, but I made it through one piece at a time.

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  3. Gymnastics done
    A:63, 73, 83
    B: 93, 103, missed the 3rd 103 both times but rested for a second and got it
    C: done at 138 across

    20, 11 banded low ring transitions with dip, 18 cals



  4. Gymnastics: done


    – back is still really bothering me here. These feel prettt brutal.

    22/20/22. – not to beat the dead horse, but the squat cleans felt pretty awful. Muscle ups were ok. Bike left me on the floor. Great/tough finisher!

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