September 26th, 2016

*Easier week here – prep for the Classic on Saturday

Same as last Monday

A. 7 Kip Swings + 7 Kipping Ring Muscle Ups + 20 Second Support Hold x 2 sets
B. Belly-to-Wall Strict HSPU w/5-second lowering x 1 rep OTM x 8 sets
C. OTM x 9
1: False Grip Hang x 15 seconds
2: Maltese Push-ups x 10 reps
3: V-Ups x 15 reps

A. Snatch Balance + OHS w/5 second pause in bottom – 3+3 x 2 sets @80% of Snatch
B. Snatch- 50%x3; 60%x3; 70%x3x2
C. Back Squat @50X1; 70%x2; 80%x2x2; 70%x2 (% based off heavy single from 2 weeks ago)
D. Banded Good Mornings x 20 x 2

2-3 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Jumping Squats w/ Barbell on Back @75/55#
8 Second Assault Sprint
Rest 3 minutes
x 5 sets



  1. Gymnastics:
    A: kip swings done, muscle ups done on the ring thing with med ball for weight, hold on low rings
    B: ummm…i forgot about this my bad
    C: done

    A: worked up to 83#
    B: 63#, 73#, 83#, 93#
    C: 133, 143 x 2, 133
    D done

    3,4,3,4,4 – did 1 Bar MU each time since I suck at these and actually got one each time! So that was pretty cool. They were ugly AF but pretty happy regardless haha

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  2. Gymnastics:
    A: Being able to do 7 muscle ups without question, in the middle of a complex, is a big improvement mentally and physically for me.
    B: Felt Strong here
    C: done

    A: 185. Felt solid, here we come Fall Classic
    B: 115, 140
    C: 275, 315, 275
    D done

    7, 5, 6, 5, 5

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  3. Warmup done
    A. Swings on high rings, to MUs on low rings with band. Pretty sure i did 3 sets. I’m not good at reading instructions before 7 am.
    C. done

    A. Also read this wrong and worked up to 103# (instead of staying at 96#)
    B. 63/73/84 – felt pretty good after a few.
    C. Subbed in front squatting because I had skipped it last week because of my back. Did 4 sets of 2 at 80% – 165#
    Back feeling a lot better and then were hard, but felt decent.
    D. done

    Did 2 MUs each round. Only missed one in the second round. Each round was like 1:20. The first round was a little longer because i mistakenly did 8 cals instead of 8 seconds. Fixed that though.

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