September 17th, 2016

Crossover Activation
GHD Sit-ups x 15 x 2
Front Body Line Drill x 20 sec x 2
Bottom of Pistol Hold off Box x 20 sec x 2

A. German Power Snatch (pause @ 1” off floor, top of knee, power position, power catch, bottom of squat, parallel) – 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2x4 (% based off of PS)
B. Deadlift; 65% x 3 reps OTM x 10
C. OH Yoke Carry – 100 ft as heavy as possible; Rest 2-3 minutes x 3 sets

Assistance Work
Straight Bar Curls x 10 x 3
Banded Tricep Extensions x 10 x 3
Reverse Snow Angels x 10 x 3

800 Meter Run @80-85%
Rest 1 minute, then…
4 x 150 Meter Sprint @95%
Rest walk 50 Meters between each
x 3 rounds

*No rest after the sprints; right back into the 800m.



  1. Warm-up done.
    Strength: did friday’s strength on Saturday.

    Assistance Work: skipped.

    Timed 2nd 800 meter: 4:45
    Timed 150m sprints (3&4 in second set): 42 seconds (felt so slow)



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