September 12th, 2016

Crossover Activation
12 Ring Thing Muscle Ups (slow)
10 Kick-ups to Freestanding HS Hold
5 TGU/side

Gymnastics (courtesy of CFM/PowerMonkey Fitness)
A. 3 Kip Swings + 3 Kipping Ring Muscle Ups + 3 Strict Dips x 4 sets (hold a rolled up towel or t-shirt between your feet for this whole complex)
B. Strict HSPU (work on bigger tripod) x 5-7 reps x 4 sets
C1. 1″” Handstand Hold (lower from a HSPU position and pause 1″ above the ground) x 5-7 sec. x 3
C2. False Grip Hang x 10-15 seconds x3
D. L-sit hold – Accumulate 2 minutes

A. Snatch Balance + OHS w/5 second pause in bottom – 2+1 x 5 sets; start at 50% of Snatch and build
B. 3-Position Snatch (High Hang, Above the knee, floor) – 50%x2x2; 60%x2x2; 70%x2x3
C. Back Squat @50X1 – build to a tough single

For time:
Bar Muscle Ups
Front Squats @205/125



  1. Coming to you live from North Haven Crossfit, home of Kurt Garceau from the Boston Iron and Team Milford’s games team.
    Hit today’s session with Kurts cousin who was a great athlete.

    Warm up done.
    Gymnastics done.
    HSPU 7-7-5-5
    Holds done

    Balance and OHS worked up to 155 (sloppy)

    Snatches: 95-115-135 (struggled with these today)

    BACKSQUAT: up to 285 (happy about this)

    Metcon: 7:51
    Broke the set of 8 FS once.
    Bar MU I went 8-2, 5-3, 4-2, 4,2

    This was tough. Kurt hit this with us, stopped mid way to drop heat, and then still finished in low 7s. Damn.

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  2. Abridged per ACM RXs

    HSPU x 7 – these felt good. Thanks to jake for some tripod help.
    Snatch: 115-160. Didn’t feel particularly fast or strong here.
    BS @ tempo: 355. Had some more here, but this was a good “heavy” single. Kept it moving.
    Conditioning: 5:52. All UB. Felt good. Squats were heavy, but manageable. Really feel like BMU are becoming a strength for me.

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  3. Warm up: done
    A. Done
    B. 7×4
    C1. Done… Whoa
    C2. Done
    D. Done 😳
    Gainz land
    A.95-205 pumped to hit 205 comfortably
    B. 95, 115, 135 geez my grip/shoulders
    C. 315
    6:56 fun session with Jake, Alyssa and some of dr. Quinn

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  4. Warmup: DONE

    A. Done. Need to work on keeping eyes forward and not leaving feet behind.
    B. Done. Worked on these this weekend, feeling more comfortable getting into that tripod position.
    C1. 7sec
    C2. 10sec
    D. :15, :10, :20, :15, :20, :10, :10, :9, :11 These are continuing to get better!

    A. Up to 205. Forgot the 5 sec pause here… I’m a squid
    B. 115, 140, 160 These felt pretty bad today, tons of snatching on saturday, holding positions, felt all off.
    C. 395, 405 MISS. This went great for me. Squat has been feeling off lately but focused on just being balanced across my feet and keeping chest up. This is a PR of some sort.

    Conditioning: 6:43
    That didn’t go as planned, bummer. Could give some excuses but, can’t win them all.

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  5. Warm-up done

    Gymnastics (courtesy of CFM/PowerMonkey Fitness)
    A. did the swings, then did jumping mus with dips
    B. Strict HSPU – did these in pike position on a box
    C1. done, probably realistically was 2″ off the ground but went as low as possible
    C2. struggled with this…done for 10s
    D. tried to keep 10-15s intervals on the rings. these are definitely getting better.

    A. 53, 63, 73, 83×2 – I usually hateeeee snatch balances, but these felt okay today.
    B. 3-Position Snatch 53×2, 63×1, 68×1, 73×2 – kept these a little lighter than prescribed because I haven’t snatched since ‘nam. but these actually felt good today. Felt good to work on form and speed.
    C. Back Squat worked up to 183# – pretty happy with that

    7:41 but modified BMUs with 5 C2B, 5 dips, 4 C2B, 4dips, etc… I tried a couple BMUs before and it wasn’t happening today.

    Good day overall!

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  6. Warm-up done

    A. Did swings on rings, then assisted MUs on low bars and regular ring dips.
    B. 7 reps each set.
    C1. done
    C2. done
    D. did in 10 second intervals on the new paralette-like bar things.

    Strength – back was hurting and made this stuff kinda sucky.
    A. Up to 103# These didn’t feel as strong as I would have hoped.
    B. 63#, 72#, 84# Felt ok
    C. Built to 215 and it felt heavy. Mentally couldn’t convince myself to try 225.

    Conditioning: Took about 20 minutes, but I got 21/30 bar muscle ups. They started to get a little easier as i went along, other than tearing my hands. I treated this more as practice rather than rushing because I really needed to get reps in at the bar to remember the motion, etc.

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