September 10th, 2016

*Note that you all have an extra pause (at 1″ off the ground) than he shows here.

Crossover Activation
GHD Sit-ups x 15 x 2
Front Body Line Drill x 20 sec x 2
Bottom of Pistol Hold off Box x 20 sec x 2

A. German Power Snatch (pause @ 1” off floor, top of knee, power position, power catch, bottom of squat, parallel) – 50%x2; 60%x2x2; 70%x2 (% based off of PS)
B. Deadlift; 63% x 3 reps OTM x 10
C. OH Yoke Carry – 100 ft as heavy as possible; Rest 2-3 minutes x 2 sets
D. Farmer’s Walk – 200 ft as heavy as possible (turn around at 100); Rest 2-3 minutes x 2

100 Meter Run @High effort (but same pace for all)
Rest 30 seconds
x 8
Rest 4 minutes
x 3 rounds



  1. Did some of the team series workouts today:
    Got a 163 hang power clean
    41 cals in 2:30 80 total
    104 push press combined with partner (60 for myself)
    So far with the guys scores our team has 426 reps/points; not too shabby considering we’re doing it for fun

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  2. Just got the strength done. Exam week, so I may be having to do abridged versions throughout this week.

    Snatch: 115-155.
    DL: 255
    OH yolk: 225/265 (broken) – tripped over my foot. Think I could’ve had it.
    Farmer: 50/side.

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  3. Warm-up done

    A. I actually liked breaking this down. It’s good to think about all the positioning.
    63#, 72#, 84#
    B. 170# Eh, this was ok.
    C. This was probably the first time using this correctly. Thanks to Adam for some tips. Went about 25m x4 and some 10 and 20 second holds.
    D. 50lbs used KBs. Maybe could have carried more, but didnt really have the space to pull out the other things.

    This was long and very sweaty. 24-26 seconds each, except last 1-2 of rounds 2 and 3 at 27 seconds.



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