September 7th, 2016

Crossover Activation
12 Ring Thing Muscle Ups (slow)
TGU x 5/side
Bottom of Pistol Hold on Box x 20 seconds/side x 2

A. Strict MU x 2-3 reps x 4 sets
B. Strict deficit HSPU x3 reps x 3 sets
C1 CTB hold x 5-7 sec. x 2
C2 Maltese push ups x 8-10 x 2

A. Back Squat w/ 3-second pause in the bottom; 70-75% x 2-3 reps x 4 sets
B1. Landmine Row x 6/side x 3
B2. Half-Kneeling KB Press x 8/side x 3
C. 100 ft Yoke Carry x 2 sets (heavy); Rest 2-3 minutes

Rope Climbs
Bike Cals (x 5/4) (So men do 25-20-15-10-5; Women do 20-16-12-8-4)



  1. Warm up: done
    A. 4,4,3,3
    B. 3×3 with 2-45′ per side
    C. Done
    D. 10×2
    A. 245
    B. 45, 70, 95
    B2. 20kg, 24kg, 20kg
    C. 285, 385 could had gone heavier
    Conditioning: ran out of time had to bail…

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  2. Warm up: done
    Gymnastics done: 2 MU. Deficit of 2″x2 set the. 6″X1 set


    Back squat: 280
    Row: 45/65
    Press: 16kg
    Yolk: 465/505

    Conditioning: 7:23.

    This hurt so good. Didn’t have much upper body juice today. Sore and didn’t feel strong. Especially felt this in the RC part. Made too many mistakes there with footwork and felt the pulls even more. looking forward to a rest day. Back at it Friday!!!

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  3. Warm up: 100%
    SMU: 3,3,2,2
    Defecit 6″: 3×3
    C2b and Maltese done: 8 push ups

    Back squat: 225
    Row: 45 x2, 70×1 (Matt can’t do math)
    Press: 16kg
    Yolk: 405, 445(PR)

    Conditioning: 7:11. Worked hard to keep the bike at a faster rate than I wanted to do, which is my new goal when biking or rowing. So I’m happy it worked out! Great after hours training session!

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  4. A. Done with small band
    B. Done with 25s & 10s
    C1 done
    C2 done, 10×2

    A. All sets at 170. felt fine
    B1. 45# plus 35#. Felt awkward, have not done these before.
    B2. 35#
    C. Too many people in gym to walk around. Did one walk with the yoke (how much is this?). First time using this contraption. Can probably use more weight next time?

    I finished this. I did not track my time, probably 20+ min. Rope climbs continue to be a struggle, but I was pretty excited to force myself through them.

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  5. Did this one Thursday!

    Warm up done

    A: done on the ring thing and did 8 instead of 4
    B: did strict with 2 ab Mats. And as Jake pointed out, yessss I know it’s the opposite of a defeceit hspu 😝
    C: done I have a hard time holding this at my chest. Maybe a mobility thing? Adam I’ll ask you next time I see you haha
    D: done. Thanks coop for fixing my form. 👌🏽

    A: done at 155 x 3,3,3,2
    B1: done with a 25 and a 5 on one side
    B2: done with a 8 kg. I need stronger arms.
    C: did with just the yoke. These were fun

    Metcon: 10:49

    Long but good day!!

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