August 31st, 2016

Shoulder Prep
20 Kip Swings on Bar
10 Kip Swings on Rings
Landmine Row x 6/side x 2
Landmine Press x 10/side
Bear/Spider/Crab Crawl x 30ft forward and back each

3 Rounds of each for max weight:
100 ft OH Yoke Walk
100 ft Lateral Sled Drag Right Leg Dominant
200 ft Farmer’s Carry
100 ft Lateral Sled Drag Left Leg Dominant

Right into…

7 minute amrap:
3 Strict HSPUs
6 Alternating Pistols
9 Toes to Bar (straight leg kipping here)

Cool down and shoulder flush (crossover recovery would be ideal)



  1. Yolk @ 225/245/265
    Sled 90/135×2
    Farmer 45s/ 45s+5sx2

    Conditioning: 5+3. All of this felt like absolute shit, and that’s about all I can say about that. Tough week, especially considering that it’s a transition week. Looking forward to a rest day.

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  2. Warm up done.

    A. Yolk: 225 (almost UB), 225 (UB, PR), 245 (broken many times, grinders through it though)
    Lateral walks: 2 45s x1, 3 45s x2
    Farmers carries: handles +90 X1, handles +100 x2

    B. 7 rounds+ 3hspu +6 pistols + 4 toes to bar
    Felt really good, pistols are always a struggle, but with my right shoulder bothering me, the HSPU felt great.

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  3. Warm up: done
    A1. Yoke 185, 225, 235(quit half way)
    A2. 2-45’s, 3-45’sx2
    A3. 50lbs plus handles X1, 100lbs plus handles x1 . 120 plus handles x1
    A4. 2-45’s, 3-45’s x2
    B. 8+3+6
    Those t2b… Fun session with Alana

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  4. OH Walks: 180/200/220#
    *kept it super tight and relatively light in these. Trying to lock in a good overhead position and make that my default overhead position.

    Lateral drags: 180/270/315#
    *pushed these. Like this new movement.

    Farmers carry: 115/145/165# in each hand.

    Met con: 7+3+6
    *scaled to dragon flags here instead of ttb. Not much of a scale…these got really hard😳

    Crossover symmetry cool down. Have been doing this everyday this week. Also have been adding a good amount of shoulder accessory work.

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