August 29th, 2016

*Transition Week into next cycle of training

Crossover Activation
12 Ring Thing Muscle-Ups (perform these slowly)
10 Kick-ups to Freestanding HS Hold (work on not moving hands)
5 TGU each side
Bear Crawl/Spiderman/Crabwalk x 30 ft each

Three sets, not for time of:
Kipping Muscle-Ups x 5 reps w/1-second lock-out
Belly to Wall HSPUs x 5-7 reps (focus on tripod position)
L-Sit on Parallettes x 10.8.6 (rest 1:1 between each)

A. Pressing Snatch Balance x4x4
B. Overhead Squat (% if off of Snatch) – 50%x2, 60%x2, 70%x2, 80%x1, 90%x1, 100%x1, 110%x1, 120%x1
C. Back Squat @50X1 Tempo; 70%x2x5 (of BS max)

3 Minute Row @5k TT pace
Rest 90 seconds



  1. Coming to y’all live from Crossfit Good Fortune, in Niantic, CT. Pretty awesome gym with a sweet elephant logo.

    warm up done.

    A. Done with 5 MU, 5 HSPU with belly to wall (strict, which is what we were supposed to do right?)
    And the L-sits between two 60# DBells in place of paralettes, which made them hard af.

    B. Did the pressing snatch balance at 45, 50, 55, 65.
    OHS: 95×2, 115×2, 135x 2, 150×1, 165×1, 185×1, missed jerk on 205 (this would tie my OHS PR, right shoulder feels beat up so I didn’t push it)
    Squats all done at 225, felt good. Left hip has a little twinge, too much sitting from driving.

    C. Rows done. 1:52-1:55 pace mostly. 780-802 cals each time.

    Happy for a transition week.

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  2. Warm up: done (lasting a bit longer on the freestanding hs holds)
    5 mu’s, 7,6,5 hspu tad bit harder than regular ones. L-sits done
    A. 95,115×2,125
    B. 95,115,130,145,165,185,205,225
    C. 245
    752, 765, 766, 760
    Kept it at 1:55-200
    Happy my new shoulder was able to do 225, I’ve notice over head squats were very unstable because my shoulder.

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  3. Gymnastics: done. Used pike presses instead of the wall. I felt this really allowed me to dial in the tripod. These were tough, even just for 7 reps.
    A. 65-115
    B. Up to 270 – hit this for the first rep and wanted to see how for I could go. Hit the second, just missed the 3rd.
    C. Done at 265.

    Rowing: done. About 800m/round.

    Shoulders are definitely feeling beat up. Some movements felt good today, others felt sluggish. Will try and use parts of this transition week to work out some kinks.

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  4. Warm up done. Trying to get better at not panicking during handstands haha

    Gymnastics: did a lot of modifying here. For the muscle ups the class was under the rings so I tried some bar MUs today. I didn’t get any but was trying to focus on not chicken winging and practicing good form. Then did some kip swings on the rings when the class was finished.
    Did the HSPUs as pike box hspus to keep good form
    Did the L-sits on the rings

    A: Skipped the pressing snatch balance
    B: OHS: kept these really light today to test out the back/shoulder. did 53, 63, 73, and the rest of the reps at 83
    C: Done at 143# – again, kept this a little lighter than prescribed (Rx at 153#)

    Rowing: 42 cal, 40 cal, 44 cal, 45 cal – kept about a 2:07-2:10 pace each round.

    So happy to be back at the gym 🙂

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