August 26th, 2016

Crossover Symmetry Activation
Hip 90/90
Banded Good Morning x 20 x 2
Front Body Line Drill x 20 sec. x 2
Back Body Line Drill x 20 sec. x 2


A. Snatch – MAX!

B. Clean & Jerk – MAX!

C. Front Squat – MAX!

10 minutes cooldown circuit (rowing, biking, banded scap squeezes, shooting the shit)

*Take 20 minutes (or more) on the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Front Squat. Rest 5-10 minutes between lifts, each test, but stay warm. This is not a training day, but a TESTING day. So take what’s there, plus a little more (Insert “If he dies, he dies” meme here.)



  1. A. 175, almost 190 again for a 5# PR
    B. 225, almost hit 245 I guess
    C. 285 this is either a Matched PR or 5 pounds under, which in excited about because I haven’t come close to this in a long time.

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  2. A. 225
    B. 265
    C. 325

    – made some ill advised jumps to 240 and 290 which were probably too big, but they boys were filming so I was sending. The lifts are there, just another day. Ton of fun with cooper and Brayn.

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  3. A. 165
    B. 245… Crazy jump from 225-245. 255 or 265 is coming.
    C. 300… 315 was a tad bit too heavy
    Really happy how the day went considering I destroyed my body in the last 72 hours. No sleep and tons of Booz. Sorry coach
    Amazing Friday Matty and coop!

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