August 23rd, 2016

KB Arm-Bar x 20-30 seconds/side
Plate Good Morning x 20 x 2
Front Body Line Drill x 20 seconds x 2

Plyo (Testing)
Seated Box Jump; 3-5 attempts at a max height (after warm-up)

A. Clean- build to a PERFECT single at 80-90% of 1-RM NO MISSES TODAY
B. Clean; 60%x1x6 OTM (goal is PERFECT reps with GREAT SPEED)
C. Triple Under Practice- 5 minutes

Strongman (Testing)
Two sets of:
100-Foot Yoke Carry (on back)
(as heavy as possible, goal is max load for 100-feet unbroken)
Rest 3-4 minutes

Two sets of:
100-Foot Hand-Over-Hand Rope Pull
(goal is max load…you’re only allowed one stop in the 100-feet)
Rest 2-3 minutes

One set of:
400 Meter Sandbag Carry (as heavy as possible for continuous movement; hug the sandbag)



  1. Warm up: done
    Plyo: 30 plus 4 plates, I think that’s 46″
    A.225 super happy to hit this without a struggle! Blessed up!
    B. 155
    C. Lol…. It was double, triple. around the 4 min mark started to connect 3-5
    Gainz testing:
    285, 365(this sucked)
    B. Sorry totally forgot
    Not sure on the time but trying to keep the bag up was the toughest. Fun stroll down north main.
    See y’all Friday.

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  2. Plyo: 48″ – Got onto the 50″ a few times, but couldn’t stand up under control. Metal boxes scare me.
    A. 245
    B. 175
    C. (skipped due to time)

    Strongman: Walks – 465
    Plate pull (didn’t have the long rope): 225/250
    Carry: 70# bag UB in about 4:31

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  3. Plyo: 48″

    A) 285
    B) 205
    C) got a bunch, just couldn’t link them up

    Pull- 205
    *linked together a battle rope and sled straps but was only 80ft

    Finisher: 50lb wreck bag and wore a 20lb vest. The bag was the heaviest one in the gym.

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  4. Had to combine a bit from this workout and today’s workout together, yesterday and today. My number for all of this session:
    Seated box jump: 43″ (4 45s and a 10 on a 30″ box)

    225/155/ hit a few triple unders, never linked any

    365 then 405

    Sled pull (not hand over hand):
    225 then 260

    Sandbag carry at 70#: 3:59

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  5. Plyo: 48″? 30″+3×45+3×25. I think I had another two inches in me (Lol. That sounds wrong) but like Matt said, the metal boxes scare me. I don’t need more scars on my shins.
    A: 215 – a struggle but no misses.
    B: 135
    C. Got a few.
    A. 225, 265. Probably could have gone quite a bit heavier, but didn’t know when I loaded it up the first time how it would feel.
    B. Didn’t do this. Was at the gym alone and didn’t know where the rope is.
    Finisher: skipped. I was locked in the gym so couldn’t take a walk outside.

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  6. Finally got to this:
    A. Went off script was feeling really good; got a PR at #178
    B. Done @108
    C. Got a few; I start to jump weird so I worked on getting a normal bounce.
    D. 235/285; this was tough!
    E. 100/125 had to stop once and unravel rope.
    F. Used the #55 bag and weight vest; stopped at 200m (2:05) thinking I did 400, picked it up finished with a total time 4:55. Good solo session.

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