August 20th, 2016

Split Stance Rotational Throws x 5/side x 2
Standing Triple Jump (see above) x 2/leg x 2
OH Medball Toss (Soccer toss) x 3 x 2

Skill Work:
A. Zig-Zag Handstand Walk x 50 feet x 2
(set up cones or hurdles every 10 feet, spaced about 5 feet laterally)
B. Tight Hollow Body Position Pull-ups x AMRAP (-2) x 3
C. Parellette Shoulder Stand x 20 seconds x 2

Run 300 Meters @70%
Rest 60 seconds
Run 200 Meters @80%
Rest 60 seconds
Run 100 Meters @90%
Rest 60 seconds
Run 200 Meters @70%
Rest 2-3 minutes
1 Mile Run TT (Compare to June 21st, 2016)

12 minutes @80%:
Single Arm Farmer’s Carry (heavy) x 100ft/arm
Single Arm DB/KB Press (moderate) x 8/arm
Bear Crawl x 100 ft
Walking Lunge x 100 ft (unweighted)


One Comment

  1. A. Done, used a 10# med ball.
    B. Did most of the handstand walks they were hard this way, made some of the turns. The shoulder holds were cool though. and did 5&6 pull ups.
    D. Did the amrap first. Used a 36kg bell and a 35# db. Did almost 4 full rounds

    C. Did run last. Ended up button 5:47 on the run even having to turn around with the normal 400s. Excited about it. Didn’t feel fast though, flat footed and in mettys. I tried pulling with my hamstrings but I was fatiguing. Tough to do alone.

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