August 19th, 2016

10 Kick-ups to Freestanding HS Hold (work on not moving hands)
10 Kip Swings on Bar
10 Kip Swings on Rings
5 Turkish Get-ups/side
Bear Crawl/Spiderman/Crabwalk x 10m each

A. Snatch – build to today’s heavy single (18 minutes)

B. Clean & Jerk – build to today’s heavy single (15 minutes)

For time:
6-5-4-3-2 Unbroken Squat Snatches @70% of today’s Heavy Single

Right into…
Toes to Bar
Assault Bike Cals



  1. A. 118, kept missing 123 ugh wasn’t feeling too hot today.
    B. Skipped B due to feeling like crap on A just wanted to get through the metty.
    C. Done at 83 and then
    T2b: 12/10/10/10, 10/10/10, 10/8
    Finished around 23-25 min?? The clock got reset so I’m guesstimating.

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  2. Warm up done
    A. 175, felt nice. Almost hit 185
    B. 225
    C. 16:29

    I did 6-2(missed 3rd)-5-4-2(missed third)-3-2

    So I was pissed to have fucked up 2 of the sets
    Then went right into the next piece. So 16:29 included both snatches and bike/toes to bar

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  3. Warm up… Done
    A.175… 185 will happen soon
    B. 250 pr!!!
    C. 12min… Had to coach, got to the 30 cals and stopped. Ummm not a fun one at all. T2b 12,12,12, 6, then 15,15
    The snatches were at 125 and finish those at 2:37

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  4. A. 175. Locking out felt a little slow, but I didn’t miss any. Just barely missed 185 a few times. It was sooo close.
    B. 215 These, on the other hand, felt kinda shitty. Missed the clean at 215 once. It felt so heavy. Missed 225 and stopped. I’m usually limited in c&j by the jerk. Ugh
    C. 3:28 @ 125
    Total time: 17:30
    Happy to have gotten through the whole workout without any trouble from my wrist.

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