August 17th, 2016

KB Arm-Bar x 20-30 seconds/side
Plate Good Morning x 20 x 2
Front Body Line Drill x 20 seconds x 2
Skin-the-Cats x 3-5 x 2

A. Strict Muscle-Ups x 2-3 reps OTM x 5
B1 Supinated Grip Chest-to-Bar Hold x 3-5 seconds x 5 (add weight if these are easy)
B2. Weighted DIp x 3 x 5

A. OH Yoke Walk x 100 ft (heavy) x 3 sets (rest as needed)
B. Bear Crawl Sled Drag x100 ft (heavy) x 3 sets (rest as needed)
C. Full Extension Sled Drag x 100ft (heavy) x 3 sets (rest as needed)

Five sets for times of:
15 Kettlebell Swings @32/24 kg
15 Burpees
Rest 60 seconds b/t sets

(if you have time)
6 Minute Run @70%
4 Minute Run @80%
2 Minute Run @90%



  1. I am not going to get to leave work in time to make the gym this evening and I leave for Italy for my sister’s wedding and travel tomorrow for 12 days. I will try to stay active by walking and keeping my arms moving with wine to my mouth and possibly a run. See you in late August!

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  2. Warm- up… Done
    A. 3×5
    B1: 1 bw, 4 with 20# vest
    B2: 5×5 with 20#vest
    A. 185×2, 225×1
    B. 135×2, 180×1
    C. 135×2, 180×1
    Conditioning: sorry coach. Had to coach and then got lazy 😔



  3. Gymnastics – Done. 2 MU. Had to sub 10 sec supine ring row hold because of my hand. Dips with 30# vest.

    Rotated through the 3 movements:
    Yolk: 185/225×2
    Bear Crawl and drag: 135/180/225

    -This was fun!!!

    Conditioning: 1:09/1:06/:1:03/1:05/1:04. Kettlebell swings and burpees. My favorite. GOOD.

    –My hand isn’t really healing, so I may have to work around it for the rest of the week. I’ve hoped it would heal despite some of the stuff we’re doing, but it’s becoming an actual hinderance with a lot of things in addition to being annoyingly painful.

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  4. Gymnastics done. MU 3×3,2,1. Dips 20kg
    Yoke: 185. This was fucked up.
    Bear crawl: 135, 180×2
    Drag: 135, 180×2
    Conditioning: did four rounds and then my wrist started to flare up on the burpees when I landed in the plank position, so I stopped:

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  5. Gymnastics:
    A. 2 MU each min
    B. Done
    C. Dips at #20
    Tried to hold the yolk each time for a few seconds
    Two 45s for the bear crawl and walk
    Only had limited time to get some of this done yesterday due to work.

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