August 16th, 2016

10 Kick-ups to Freestanding HS Hold (work on not moving hands)
10 Hanging Scap Pull-ups
20 Kip Swings on Bar
10 Kip Swings on Rings w/ false grip
Bear Crawl/Spiderman/Crabwalk x 10m each

Depth Jump to Box Jump x 3 x3
Lateral Hurdle Hops x 5/direction x 3 (do these 5 one way over 5 hurdles, then 5 back)

A. Mid-Hang Snatch – build to today’s heavy double, then 2×2 @90% (of that double)
B. Power Clean + Push Jerk; 70% x 2x(1+1) x 2; 75% x 2(1+1) x 3 (% of jerk)

Skill Work
3 Rounds of:
50 UB Double Unders
50 ft Zercher Carry (heavy)
50 ft HS Walk

10 Minute Assault Bike @80%
*Every 2 minutes, hit 10 seconds all out (5 sprints total)



  1. A. Did the kick ups, scap pulls, and crawls. Still nursing this hand.
    B. Plyos done — great having the new paralettes!
    C. 185/165 – didn’t feel great here today. off day. made the first at 190, but missed second rep.
    D. Done — Lots of kartwheels. Zerchers at 185/285×2 (tough but fun!). No misses on DU.
    E. 149 cals.

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  2. Warm up done.
    A. Done with 30″ box and used the new paralettes for lateral jumps
    B. 155 then 140×2 (hit 160 for one)
    C. 185×2, 190×3 (thanks to Matt and Brayn for bringing my energy levels back up here)
    D. Did 185 for the zercher carry for two rounds, and 285 for one.
    All DU and Handstand walks UB, which I was happy with.
    E. Did about 57-59 rpms and then up to 72 for sprint. Completed 133 cals the whole ten minutes. Hard to push here, my butt kept slipping forward.
    Great day training with those two!

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  3. Some of the warm…
    A. Done 30″ and new paralettes
    B. 165 and 148
    C. 185×2 190×3
    D. Unbroken du’s which is dope!
    Zercher carry, 1st round at 185. Round two was a bit sketchy. It was a mixture of front squat and zercher carry at 285. Round 3 was better, 285 of a actual zercher carry.
    The handstand walks are definitely getting better.
    E. Shit… First 5 mins I was able to keep it 60-64 Rpms. Then it dropped to 54-59, for a total of 118 cals.
    Super fun day Matty and coop!

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  4. Warmup done.
    A. Up to 155, then 140×2. Failed 155 on the fist attempt, but got both on the second. First time back snatching in a while, didn’t want to push it. They felt good though.
    B. Did a couple at 135 to see how I was feeling. Wrist didn’t feel great so I kept it light and did 95, and 115
    C. Handstand walks and dubs done. Skipped the other walk. 285 guys? Really? Y’all do too much.
    D. Tried to keep rpms around 60. Sprints were in the 75-80 range. Ended with 134 cals.
    All in all, I felt good today. Glad to do some sort of lifting and keep a decent pace on the bike.

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  5. Still working with limited time this week…

    Warm-up done.
    Plyo done. Like how the new hurdle things were included.

    A. Built to 108 and then 98#. These did not feel great.
    B. 113 and 123#. Felt decent (mostly because i like power cleans way better)

    Skill Work: did 2 rounds with UB DU’s, 85# on a barbell. Could not figure out how to balance more without killing myself. Worked on HS walks for 2 min each rd.

    Conditioning: Did 6 min. with 3 sprints. Totally forgot how many calories 🙂



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