August 10th, 2016

A. Strict Muscle-up x 1-2 reps OTM x 10
B1. 30 Second Pull-up (10 seconds up, 10 second hold, 10 second loweing) x 3 sets
B2. Weighted DIp x 5 x 3
C. L-Sit Hold; or 10.10 x 3

A. Hang Clean – 1 rep OTM x 15
Min 1-5: 70-75%
Min 6-10: 75-80%
Min 11-15: 80-85%
B. Clean Pull – 95%x2, 105%x2,110%x2, 110+%x2x2
C. Back Squat – 70%x3, 75%x3x3

3 sets for times of:
20 Calorie Ski
20 Toes to Bar
20 DB Shoulder to Overhead @30/20 lb
20 Kipping HSPUs
20 Calorie Row
Rest 3 minutes between sets
(If you have time)
20 Minute Run @75%
*Every 5 minutes sprint at 95% for 45 seconds



  1. A. Done – did one MU every 30 sec.
    B. Dips with 25#
    C. L sit done as 10.10 – these didn’t feel half bad

    A. 200-245
    B. 275-325
    C. 265/285

    Conditioning: 6:05/6:56

    Only did two rounds. Didn’t feel like I was getting the intended stimulus here being 2 minutes behind the intended cap. Super frustrating. Been a long two weeks, especially with all the new transitions. Hoping to get living/sleeping/eating routine down over the next few weeks. Rough end to the day, but other parts of the workout felt OK. Friday will be better. Onward.

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  2. Coming to you live from Fronings dads barn, Jake and I worked out with Angelo. Kid is fit.

    A. Did 2 MU EMOM for 6, then some singles
    B. Did 30 second ring Dips cause my hands are ripped
    C. Did 55# dips and BTN bamboo bar presses with 25# a side

    Cleans: 185,195,205 felt good after not moving weight for a bit

    No METCON, had to keep moving on the road. We also took an 11 mile bike ride. It was very hilly.

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  3. A. Did 1-2 strict muscle up attempts and got my first one today.
    B. Dips done with 26lbs
    C. Did L sits as 10.10

    A. 180/190/205
    B. 245/270/280/290
    C. 235/250


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  4. Hey Guys!

    Just keeping you guys updated because I haven’t seen you all in a while.

    Last Wednesday I hurt my back and shoulder pretty bad in a vball match – I went to the doctor – and I was apparently having severe back spasms, so I got put on muscle relaxers and a ton of pain meds – wooooo. I’m going to see a PT tomorrow to get assessed and basically was told not to do too much in the meantime. If I don’t see you all for a while that’s why – but hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later. Keep on crushing workouts and can’t wait to be back with all of you!!



    1. I think I’m a week behind in posting (and a few other things)

      A. Did MUs with smallest band as strict as possible, 2 each min.
      B1. done
      B2. used weight vest (these felt hard today)
      C. done 10.10 x 3

      A. Worked from 83 to 135. These felt ok today.
      B. 153/168/175/183, these got real heavy
      C. 168 and 178. these felt wayyy better than the front squats

      Got one set done minus the row because the class was using all the rowers and then i had to leave to get to an appt.

      Made up 2 weeks of running on Thursday night – 45 min with 4 sets of sprints mixed in.



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