August 6th, 2016

A. Strict HSPU x 5-7 reps w/3-second lockout on each rep x 5 sets
B1. Weighted Dip x 4-5 reps @30X1 x 3 sets
B2. KB Bent Over Row x 8-10/arm x 3
B3. Dead Hang to Inverted on Rings w/slow piked lowering x 3-5 reps x 3
C. HS Walk x 20-50 ft Unbroken x 4

EZ Bar Curls x 15 x 3
Banded Tricep Extensions x 15 x 3

50 Meter Hill Sprint
Rest 2-3 minutes
x 6

Right into…

200 Meter Run @5 seconds faster than 1 Mile TT
Walk 100 Meters
x 5



  1. A. 5 each set
    B. Done with #20
    B2.Done with #44
    B3. Kinda was confused so I practiced ring hspu’s and faced my fear of eating sh**. Once I got the hang (ha ha) of being upside down I got a few!
    C. Skipped; going to practice in my yard later.
    Accessory: done with 10s on bar/ green band.
    Conditioning: βœ”οΈ didn’t track times just went full out, felt really good today!



  2. A. 5/7/6/7/6
    B. 20# vest – tried to keep these crisp. Vertical dip, externally rotated at the top. Rows at 28kg
    C. Struggle city.
    Accessory work done.

    Runs done. Hills w/ 2 min rest. 200m at +/- 38 seconds.



  3. A. 7/7/7/7/7
    B1. 5/5/5@30lbs
    B2. 10/10/10@53lbs
    B3. 4/4/4 never tried them before but they were fun.
    C. 50/50/40/40ft
    Accessory work done.
    Hill sprints done
    200m run done @~39sec



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