July 27th, 2016

*De-Loading Week*
A. Strict Muscle-Up x 1-2 reps OTM x 6 minutes
B. L-Sit Hold; 5-15 seconds OTM x 6

A. Hang Clean (below knee) + Clean – 70% x (1+1) x 5
B. Halting Clean Deadlift (knee)- 70%x3x3
C. Push Jerk + Split Jerk – 70% x (1+1) x 4 (% of jerk)

Row 2 minutes @85-90% aerobic
Rest 1 minute
x 8



  1. Coming to y’all live from CrossFit Red Zone, home of CF Milford Games athlete Kris Kling, very cool dude.

    A. Done. Got 2,2,2,2,1 and 10 second L sit
    B. 185
    C. 185
    D. 185

    Rows, about 520-530 meters per interval. Nice to sweat a ton. Now to play with some of this gyms toys. #PegBoard

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    1. Did a 3 person, 25 min amrap with Kris and one of his buddies:
      (split however you want)
      3 peg board ascents
      200 meter run together
      75 GHDs
      15 DBall over shoulder 100#
      100 ft handstand walk each

      Was fun. Nothing too exhausting, peg board was awesome!

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  2. Gymnastics:
    2,2,2,2,2,1 struggle today! My arms and lats are lit from Monday
    10 sec 👉🏽 on L sit
    A. 165
    B. 165
    C. 185
    Kept pulls at 149-155 some rounds were 520-540. This was a struggle! Got comfortable on the last 3 sets. Overall not sure why my body is destroyed on deload week. Glad for rest day tomorrow.

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  3. Was so excited to work out with Alyssa today!
    A. Did some jumping muscleups for practice
    B. Done on rings
    A. 113#
    B. 113#
    C. 123#

    Rowed around 480 a round other than the first round when I was trying to adjust everything. Felt fine, if a bit long.

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