July 25th, 2016

*De-Loading Week*
A. Kipping Muscle-UP x 5-7 reps w/ 1-second hold in lockout x 2 sets
B. Defecit HSPU Negative @ 10 second lowering + Kipping HSPU out of defecit;; 1 rep EMOM x 8
C1. PVC Hollow Hold x 30 seconds x 2
C2. PVC Arch Hold x 30 seconds x 2

Barbell (focus on being fast and perfect at these lighter weights)
A. Hang Snatch (below knee) + Snatch – 70%x(1+1)x5
B. Halting Snatch Deadlift (knee; no slow eccentric here) – 70%x3x3
C. Push Press; 70%x3x4
D. Back Squat – 70%x4x3

4 Minute AMRAP:
4 Strict HSPUs
8 Alternating Pistols
12 Pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes
(pick up where you left off after each section)



  1. A. Done x 7 – felt smooth
    B. Tried parallels, got a few sets, then failed a few, switched to 6″ deficit and made up failed rounds.
    C. Done

    Barbell: done at 155 for complex and halting DL – felt good! Nice to be back in lifters!
    PP: done at 165
    BS: done at 265 – first set felt heavy, then opened up a bit. Felt the effects of only
    loading a squat twice over the two weeks.
    Conditioning: 9+4+1 — this felt good, especially considering it was entirely movements that at outside of my forte. All pull ups done as butterfly and UB. Proud of my progress here. SHSPU stayed UB as well aside from one set. Pistols felt as good as they will for me, especially doing them in metcons. Very happy to finally be back!

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  2. A. band assisted – 2 sets of 7
    B. 25s+10s with abmat.
    C. done

    barbell work. Most felt ok. Holding on to stuff is hard because i managed to try and chop of my fingers with a hedge trimmer yesterday (yard work is dangerous), and fingers really wrapped up.
    A. 88#
    B. 88#
    C. 108#
    D. 168#

    Metcon. misread and did not pick up rounds where left off. 😦
    round 1: 2 rds + 18 reps
    round 2: 2 rds + 12 reps
    round 3: 2 rds + 12 reps
    Really tried to practice butterfly pullups during the rounds. Definitely feeling arm fatigue during the second round.



  3. Gymnastics… Not sure why I only did the mu’s part. Did 8 smooth and control mu’s
    B. 130
    C. 150
    D. 245
    5, 4+4, 3. First 4 mins were amazing, smooth butterflie pull ups. The last 4 min my pull ups crashed to sets of 4



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