July 19th, 2016

Plyo Work
Single Leg Lateral Hurdle Hops x 10/leg ×3
Lateral Push Offs x 10 (total) ×3
Depth to Box Jump x 8

A. Block Power Snatch + OHS (3 sec hold in bottom) – (2+1)RM; 90% x (2+1), 95% x (2+1) (% of RM)
*Same as last week; look to improve on your heaviest load

B. Hang Power Clean (at the knee) + Power Clean – (2+1)RM; 90% x (2+1), 95% x (2+1) (% of RM)
*A little different this week: 2 HPC + 1 PC; heavy complex, then back off sets

Power Work:
15 Second Hill Sprint @max effort
Rest 2:15
x 10

Arch Hold w/ PVC x 20 seconds x 3
Hollow Hold w/PVC x 20 seconds x 3



  1. A. Worked to 150# 5 more than last week. Then 135 and 142.
    B. Up to 195, then 175&185
    C. Did 15 sets. Because of jake and why not.
    Also did two sets of minute Sorensen hold and a 10 min cool down row where I did 2.1k meters and 130 cals.



  2. Plyo work: done
    A. 150, 135 and 142
    B. 195, 175 and 185
    C. Did 11 sets with coop and JMF. Could had done 15 but had to coach and they started to suck lol
    Also added 2 min of Sorensen holds.
    Fun day



  3. Done on Wednesday.
    Plyo work done.
    A. 113(?) seemed to lose track of what was on the bar. Then 103# and 108# These felt much better than yesterday (yay for anti-inflammatories!)
    B. Up to 143. 133# and 138#. These felt ok. Cleans always need practice.
    C. Got in 8 before they had to lock up and finished 2 other non-hill sprints inside.
    Really like the hill sprints actually (other than creepy guy who lives in house on the right).
    Accessory work done.

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  4. Did this in the morning at my gym by my house:
    Plyo work done, boxes were awkward here so I did more like lateral step ups rather than push offs so I didn’t die.
    A: Didn’t have the right equipment for this so skipped this part
    B: Only worked up to 125 – my hands were throbbing and I couldn’t hold onto the bar to go heavier with good form.
    C: Did sled pushes for this because it looked like fun haha.
    D: done without PVC pipes

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