July 16th, 2016

*Been a bit busy the last couple of days.  Mom and baby are doing great!

A1. Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups w/5 second hold at top + 5 second lowering; 3-5 reps x 3
A2. Belly-to-Wall HS Shoulder taps or Piked HS Shoulder Taps off of Box (perfect position) x 20 x 3
B1. Feet Elevated Ring Row (Weighted) x 5-7 reps @2111 x 4 sets
B2. Weighted Ring Support Holds x 15 seconds x 4 sets

*Almost exactly the same as last week; look to improve your positions from then

EMOM x 12:
Odd Minutes: Strict HSPU x 3.2.2 (use the same deficit as last week)
Even Minutes: Lateral Lunges x 10 reps (goblet hold; slow and controlled, focus on good ROM)
DB Skull Crushers x 20 x 2
EZ Bar Curls x 20 x 2
Weighted Plank x 60 seconds x 2
Running Work
800 Meter Warmup run, varied tempo
100 Meter Run @ 5-7 seconds faster than your 1 Mile TT pace
Walk 100 Meters
x 16
Rest 3-5 minutes between sets 8 & 9
400 Meter Run cooldown



  1. A. 5,3,3 reps
    A2. 20 a time

    B. Done with 20#
    B2.Done with 53# KB

    C. Done no deficit and 44# bell
    D. 10 per side on EZ curls
    20# DB for skull crushers
    25# for plank

    All runs were 16-17 seconds. HOT on track

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  2. A1. 3 reps – but I was able to touch the bar lower on my chest.
    A2. Done
    B1. 20# best
    B2. 20kg
    C. 6″ deficit for the first three, then failed a couple so went down to 4″. Didn’t feel as good as last week- it was a struggle.
    24kg for lunges
    D. 10# per side on curls
    20# skull crushers
    25# plank
    16ish seconds on runs. This felt pretty good today.

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  3. Did this on sunday and am very slow to post. Warm up stuff was really slow to get into it.

    A1. 3 reps. They were high enough for C2B, but struggled to touch. Shoulder hurting
    A2. done
    B1. did with weight vest 16 lbs?
    B2. same as B1
    C. Last few rounds was a struggle to get the last 2 HSPUs. Standard height.
    D. 15# for DBs, 20 reps added up. 25# for plank
    E. VERY WARM out. Ranged 21-25 seconds per run. Felt ok



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