July 12th, 2016

*Couple of notes here:

-On the plyo work, the goal is to be AS EXPLOSIVE AS POSSIBLE.  Your intent here is just as important as the execution.

-The barbell work should also be completed with maximal speed in mind; even when the weight is light (or especially when the weight is light), your goal should be to move the bar as quickly as possible. For both complexes today, you are to build to today’s “max” (with good technique), then drop down to 90% of that heaviest weight and do a complex, then to 95% and do a complex.  For the PS+OHS, this is 2 Power Snatches + 1 OHS, for the PC+HPC, it’s Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Power Clean + Hang Power Clean (you can drop the bar between the first and second complex if you have to).

-The Power work is boring, I know that.  This won’t hurt nearly as much as last week, so thing ALL OUT sprint here.  If you need to cut the sets short because you are slowing down, do so, and look to build up our ability here over the weeks.

Plyo Work
Double Leg Lateral Hurdle Hops x 10 x 3
Single Leg Depth Drop to Box Jump x 2/leg x 3
Reverse Overhead Throw w/D-Ball (15/10#) x 8 (max distance)

Technique Primer: Press in Snatch – 5,4,3 (ascending weight)

A. Block Power Snatch + OHS (3 sec hold in bottom) – (2+1)RM; 90% x (2+1), 95% x (2+1) (% of RM)

B. Power Clean + Hang Power Clean (at the knee) – 2(1+1)RM; 90% x 2(1+1), 95% x 2(1+1) (% of RM)

Power Work
10 Second ALL OUT Assault Bike Sprint
Rest 110 Seconds
x 5
Rest 5 minutes
x 2

Cooldown/Scap Work



  1. Straight off the plane to CF Glasgow:

    Plyo done
    Snatch 183+ percentage work
    Clean 245+percentage work
    Intervals: 11/12/12/13/12/13/12/11(slipped off pedal)/13/13 – straight through, no break mid piece. Had to hurry today, decent session!!

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    1. Follows this up with an evening session at Diamond hill Crossfit.
      Did bullet proof shoulders and then
      5 rft:
      15 walls balls 20#
      12 deads 155#
      9 burpees over the bar.




  2. Plyo done. Left legs jumps were very sketchy/scrary
    Primer 45,65,85,105
    A. 145…130 and 137
    B. 185( super sketchy! Crossfit style 🙊) 165 and 175
    C. 6, 8,8,8,8…8,8
    Fun session with coop!

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  3. Still feeling pretty beat up from the weekend of competing and rugby, weights a bit lighter than normal today.

    Plyo done. Primer at 33, 43, 48.
    A. 108, 98 & 103
    B. 143, 133 & 138
    C. Let the cals roll over: 5/6/6/5/6 – 6/5/6/6/6

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