July 9th, 2016

*Susan is competing today at the Master’s Throwdown at Ocean State . We will be trying to head out there to catch some of her workouts, so let me know if you want to carpool!

A1. Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups w/5 second hold at top + 5 second lowering; 3-5 reps x 3 sets (use assistance to get up there if you can’t get all the way)
A2. Belly-to-Wall HS Shoulder taps or Piked HS Shoulder Taps off of Box (perfect position) x 20 x 3 sets
B1. Feet Elevated Ring Row (Weighted) x 5-7 reps @2111 x 4 sets
B2. Weighted Ring Support Holds x 10 seconds x 4 sets
EMOM x 10:
Odd Minutes: Strict HSPU x 3.2.2 (use the same deficit as last week)
Even Minutes: Row 150/125 Meters
DB Skull Crushers x 20 x 2
EZ Bar Curls x 20 x 2
Weighted Plank x 45 seconds x 2

Running Work
100 Meters Moderate
100 Meters Easy (jog)
100 Meters Hard
100 Meter Walk
x 10

*Can also be done on a Rower or Ski Erg, but running is preferred. If you use a track, do the jog and the walk on the curves, and the moderate and hard intervals on the straightaways.



  1. A1.done
    B1. 20# vest
    B2. 20kg
    EMOM: done with 6″ deficit
    Running: done. The first round I was a little tight, but it opened up and the rest felt good.
    Skull crushers: 15
    Curls: 35?
    Plank: 25
    Good training day. Ready for this bike today

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  2. A. Done
    B. Done with 20# vest
    C. Done with no deficit. Good ole standard strict HSPU are hard enough for me. Made all these reps, last two sets very tough.
    D. Run work done. Felt fine, but definitely prefer the track to north main.
    E. Done at 25/EZ bar + 30#/25#

    Off to Europe tonight! See you guys in two weeks!!

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  3. A. Done
    B. Done with vest for ring rows and 53# for holds
    C. Done with strict HSPU no deficit. Final sets of 2 were tough.
    D. Running done, ditto to Matt.
    E. Did the skull crushers with 15# a hand
    Did curls with EZ bar + 5 pounds a side
    Planks done with 25#

    Then 33 mile bike ride with FRCF crew!
    Have fun Matt!! Congrats Susan!!

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  4. A+B done. Had to use a green band for the strict C2Bs 😦
    HSPU felt great for the first 4 sets, then hit failure during the 5th set. 4 SHSPU complete in the 5th.
    Running work:
    30:04 total time.
    Accessory work done.



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