July 5th, 2016

Plyo Work
Single Leg Lateral Hurdle Hops (over and back) x 8/leg x 3
Depth Drop to Tall Box Jump x 2 x 4
Reverse Overhead Throw w/D-Ball (15/10#) x 6 (max distance)

Technique Primer: Press in Snatch (ascending weights) – 5, 4, 3

A. Block Power Snatch + OHS (3 sec hold in bottom) – 70% x (2+1) x 6
*Bar should be just below the knee

B. Power Clean + Hang Power Clean (at the knee) – 70% x 2(1+1) x 6

Power Work
15/12 Calorie Assault Bike
Rest 2:1
x 10

*Go hard here, but keep sets relatively consistent. This shouldn’t be comfortable.
*If you totally lose it after a couple of sets, rest 4-6 minutes before continuing



  1. Plyo work: done. V funnnn
    A. Done @88
    B. Done @119
    C. Wow this hit me like a ton of bricks. Started with a hot :25 seconds the 30, 40, 40… And so on. I literally could not control my heart rate.



  2. Plyo work done.
    A. Done at 83#
    B. Done at 113#. A few of the middle sets felt really good.
    C. Think I was about 435 degrees internally during this.



  3. Plyo done
    A. 130 – feeling good.
    B. 165 – these started out a little rocky, but were better toward the end.
    C. :45, :35, :32, :32, :35, :35, :37, :36, :36, :35. This sucked, but I was able to hold on to a fairly consistent pace for all 10. I tried to stay around 80rpms and was mostly successful – it ranged from 75-85. My legs are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥and my butt hurts. I just keep chanting the mantra “this is good for me.”

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  4. Plyo work: done except the ball toss because it was crowded in the gym and it didn’t occur to me to do it outside
    A. 73×2,78×4
    B. 118×4,123×2
    :45, :35, :30, :40, then I died
    1:00,rested about 3:00, :50, 1:00, :55, 1:00
    My legs felt like they were going to explode.



  5. Ploy work: done
    A. At 115 felt really comfortable
    B. At 155
    28, 29, 29, 29, 58, rested
    45, 46…. Called it my legs were destroyed after yesterday just felt like every round was just going to go downhill



  6. A. Done – jumps over paralettes and KB. Jump from 12″ onto 30″. Ball toss done.
    B. 25-35-45 (I really struggle here)
    C. Done at 150 – felt solid. Working on staying over the bar with less leaning backward in extension.
    D. Done at 200.
    E. 37/38/30/32/36/35/36/37/37/35 – this was a brutal first session back after my trip. Mentally refreshed, but nutrition and hydration were pretty poor since Sunday. Back on track today, and will make it work while traveling!

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