July 2nd, 2016

400m Run @ your best mile pace
Walk 100m
200m Run @ 95%
Rest 2 minutes
x 7-8 rounds



  1. A. Did 12 mins on the assault bike and got 100 cals; my 10 min test was like 108 so I feel I kept a good pace and felt a puke feeling so all in a good days work.
    Was warming up for today’s workout which I was gonna do on the bike and then some numbnut hit the telephone pole outside my house, knocked out the power and kept going. So I had to call the popo and give a statement so I didn’t have time for that anymore… Gonna do it tonight or go run the stairs at my local dam.

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  2. This was suck. Started out okay, but by the end I don’t know how slowly I was going. I was just trying to make it around the track. Endurance has always been my worst enemy, gotta keep working on it as much as I hate that feeling. Onward.

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  3. Same format as coop. 1:23-1:30 400s and 33-39 200s. The fastest ones came towards the final sets. 8 intervals sucked. I didn’t want to do any of it. I enjoyed none of this. Days like today I leave the workout feeling good about myself. glad I had company with Cooper nic and Dan. Great work all you guys. Thanks for The coaching Nic!!! Happy 4th guys.

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