June 22nd, 2016

A. Strict CTB Pull-ups – One set for max reps
B. Weighted Ring Dip – 1-RM
C1. Hollow Banded PVC Pull-down to Hips x 10 x 3
C2. Sidelying DB External Rotations x 10/side x 3

6 Rounds (push the pace where you can):
100 Meter Hill Sandbag Run (50 meter up, 50 meter down)
100 Meter Run
50 Meter Dual KB Overhead Carry (24/16kg/hand)
50 Meter Farmer’s Carry
100 Meter Run

Mandatory Cooldown
10 Minute Row @conversational pace



  1. A. Zero. I can do zero strict C2Bs, I learned today. Tried multiple grips. Nada.
    B. 58 lbs for weighted dip.
    C1/2 done.
    22:33 RX.
    It was all tough, but the OH carries were the worst. Had to bring the KBs down a few times. OH stability is definitely a weakness for me.

    Mandatory cool down complete, of course (it was mandatory, duh).



  2. A. 9, pronated grip. Just missed the tenth.
    B. 115# (plus the yellow belt? Haha) Def the most I’ve ever done here.
    C. Done with skinny green band and 10# DB.

    D. 19:14. Used the 70# wreck bag. I didn’t really push it anywhere, just went UB on everything and kept moving. It was fun to sweat, especially after a long day and getting into the gym at 8:35.

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  3. A. 6
    B. 90
    C. 24:35. W/ 70# bag.
    D. Row done

    Took it easy today and just moved. Haven’t felt great physically these past few weeks and with Sunday around the corner I just wanted to move today. Looking forward to hitting this weekend hard before a month or more “constantly varied” training on the road.

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  4. A. Probably 2. I had the height, but it was really hard to get close enough to bar.
    B. Solid at 50# very close at 55#
    C1. had to skip because class was using all the rigs.
    C2. done with 5#
    D. Done with the 50# med ball at somewhere around 22 min. My phone stopped at around 11 minutes, which was just over 3 rds in when i stopped for water. This was definitely tough. It was made more interesting by the creepy guy at the top of the hill who had some lovely things to say to Alanna and I. Ugh. Then there was the drug deal I witnessed during the 100m runs. Not dull.
    E. mandatory cool down…done.

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  5. A. 4? They were questionable tbh
    B. #50 lbs
    C1. Class had the rig
    C2. 5lbs
    D. Around 22-23 mins finished after Susan and we were using her phone. I echo what she said those guys were creepppyy.
    Cool down doneso



  6. A. 10
    B. 80#
    C. Skinny green band, 5#
    D. 21:09 with the 60# sand bag. Didn’t push too hard, just tried to keep moving. The overhead carries were the most difficult.
    D. Cool down done



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