June 21st, 2016

Plyo Work:
Single Leg Lateral Hurdle Hops x 3/side x 3
Seated Box Jumps x 2 x 4

A. Power Snatch off Block- build to a heavy single
B. Power Clean from pause the the knee – build to a heavy single

3 x 1 @ 80% of Part B (on the minute)

1 Mile Run Time Trial

*Warm-up well for the this. A couple of 200 Meter runs @ increasing effort should do it.

Russian Twists w/plate x 20 x 3
Banded Good Mornings x 20 x 3
Hammer Curls x 10 x 3
Behind the Neck Tricep Extensions (2 hands on DB) x 10 x 3



  1. Plyo work
    A1. Done
    A2. 42″
    A1. 145 😕
    A2. 215# match my pr 😁
    6:44 pr
    Gainz valley
    Russian Twist 20×3 at 20#
    Good mornings-red bands
    Hammers 25, 30, 30 10×3
    Tricep 40,45,50 10×3



  2. A. 88
    B. 133/108
    C. 8:15
    Cramped up (what else is new) during the last 400 but slugged it out. Slow, but long distance has never been my strong suit (long distance = anything greater than 200 m IMHO)
    Accessory work done.



  3. A. 170 (15lb power snatch pr) these felt good, even though I hit myself in the forehead with the bar. Smh
    B. 205 – did not really have these today.
    Mile: 6:45. Never really tested my mile time before because I avoid running miles like the plague so don’t have anything to compare it to. Was aiming for 6:30.
    Twists: 25
    Good mornings: thick green band
    Curls: 30
    Extensions: 40

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    1. A. Plyos done over paralettes. Jumps done at 30-42 inches.
      B. 195
      C. 255/205
      –happy with both of those lifts.
      D. Ran with my phone. Ran all 400s (so many turns) It stopped before my last 400, Brayn said he saw me around 5:50-5:55 when I had already stopped? So maybe a few seconds here or there? Who knows. Was honestly disappointed that I didn’t get a precise time. Oh well.
      E. Done!

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  4. A. Up to 155.
    B. Up to 220 then 3×1 at 175
    C. I ran the Murph course, and hit 5:42. Very disappointing to hear after the fact that it doesn’t count as a full mile. What the fuck. Supposedly it is .95 or something. Wish I had known prior to running that it wasn’t considered a full mile.
    Russian Twists: 25#
    Good mornings: Thick Green Band
    Hammer Curls: 30#
    Triceps: 40#



  5. Plyo: jumps over the paralettes. Box jump to 24(?) inches. Nice warm up.
    A. 103# Wasn’t my best day at snatching, wasn’t my worst.
    B. 148# Mentally couldn’t get 153# off the ground
    C. 8:50. I ran up with my phone to track distance, up N. Main and back on cemetery side. I hate doing a bunch of turns. I’ve definitely run faster…something else to work on.
    D. Accessory done. 25# plate, 35# tri extension, 25# curls



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