June 18th, 2016

A. Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes:
Deadlift x 2 reps @65% of 1-RM

*Focus on a tight setup and good speed off the floor

B. Seven sets of:
Snatch Pull + Power Snatch off Blocks (from knee height)
*Set 1 – 2 reps @ 50%
*Set 2 – 2 reps @ 60%
Then… every 40 seconds
1 rep @ 70-75% x 10 sets

C. Three sets of:
Barbell Front Rack Step Ups x 5 reps/leg
Rest 30 seconds between legs, 90 seconds between sets

*These are forward step ups; height should be just about at the knee

D1. DB Curls x 10 x 3
D2. Weighted Back Extensions x 10 x 3
D3. Tricep Extensions (behind the neck, two hands on DB) x 10 x 3
D4. Active Hang on Pull-up Bar x 30 x 3

30 Minutes @ moderate effort:
Run 400 Meters
100 Meter Farmer’s Carry (24/16 kg/hand)
Row 300 Meters
100 Meter Front Rack Carry (24/16kg/hand)



  1. A. Done at 265
    B. 115-165
    C. 135/145×2
    D. Done. Curls @ 25#, BE @ 35#, triceps at 50#.
    E. 4 + 400m+ 100m farmers carry.

    -happy to have this one done. Still trying to get rid of this upper respiratory bug. Came in to today pretty sore all over. Looking forward to 36 hours of eating and resting. Hope to feel better by Monday!



  2. A. 185
    B. 63-103
    C. Skipped
    D. #20 for the curls, BE @ 20, triceps @ 30. Only got to 2 sets had to get to work.
    E. After work ran 2 miles at a little faster than moderate pace and then walked/ ran for another 10 mins



  3. A. 225
    B. 95-115-135, then 135×10
    C. Did the step ups at 95#, to keep the integrity of the movement. Went better that way, this week.
    D.. Did the curls at 20-25-25
    35# back extensions
    40# triceps
    Hung onto bar for 30 seconds

    4 rounds + 244m on rower



  4. A. Done at 175 very quietly because Adam was talking nutrition in the back…
    B. These were extremely challenging because my hands were a mess from Friday. 63/73/88. Really struggled to hold on.
    C. Did these at 93#
    D. 25# for curls, 25# back extensions, 35# tricep extentions
    E. Just shy of 4 rounds.



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