May 11th, 2016

A. Three sets of:
Pistol Leg Raises x 8-10/leg*
(Get into the bottom of a pistol on a box, and raise the other leg up as high as possible under control, then back down)
Front Body Line Drill x 30 seconds
(Lie on your stomach with arms overhead grabbing a PVC in a shoulder width, or a bit wider if impossible. Contract your butt and abs and tilt your pelvis forward – and take your belly off the floor without taking your ribs or thighs off the floor. Leave your nose lightly touching the floor and lift the PVC off the floor with locked elbows.)

B. With your 1-RM Strict Press, accumulate 2 minutes in an Overhead Hold. Record the time it takes you to complete this.

*If last week took you over 5 minutes, subtract 10% of the weight and do it again today. If last week took you under 3 minutes, add 10% of the weight and do it again today.

(*Almost done with these holds)

C. Three sets of: 
Single Arm Farmer’s Carry x 100 Meters each arm (same weight as weeks prior)
Rest as needed between arms

D. Three sets of:
Dumbell Curls x 10 reps @20X1
Rest 30 seconds


8 Minute AMRAP:
4/3 Strict Handstand Push-ups
6 Muscle Cleans (95/65 lb)
8 Abmat Sit-ups 
Rest 2 minutes
4 Minute AMRAP:
5 KB Snatches Left Arm (24/16kg)
5 KB Snatches Right Arm
5 Burpee Broad Jumps (6’/4′)

*Part C & D can be completed before or after the conditioning 



  1. A. Done
    B. Not sure of time. Prob like 3:30. Missed my sub 3 by 3 seconds.
    C. 5 rounds + 1 shspu
    3 rounds + 7 KB snatch

    D. Did one lap with farmers carry but back is still too lit up.

    E. Curls done at 25-25-30 # DB 10 reps an arm.

    Still need more recovery



  2. A. Done. Had to use a counterweight on one side for the pistols. Something wonky going on on that side whenever I attempt pistols.
    B. 4:06. Ew.
    C. I did one round like 50 m each arm with the 70# KB and it felt pretty much impossible. Did my curls and came back and did the last two with the 53#. These felt especially awful today.
    D. 20#x3
    6 rounds
    Moved to kipping HSPU after the third rounds.
    3 rounds

    Felt very sluggish today.



  3. A. Complete
    B. 4:00 w/ 135
    C. Complete at 115
    This was treacherous. Set the tone for the rest of my workout.
    D. Complete w/ 25’s
    6 rounds (sub L sit DB press w/ 35’s)
    2 rounds
    I was just too tired at this point. I have no idea how far I was jumping for the broad jumps.



  4. A. Done
    B. 3:08 @113 this got so hard
    C. 9 rds + 3
    3 rds +10
    D. Did curls at 20/25/25
    Skipped walks, wanted to go say bye to my friend who’s graduating and I didn’t get a chance to say bye. There was a small window of time for me to see her 😁



  5. A. Done! The pistols were so hard!! I used a counterweight while I was doing these on my right foot because sprained ankles take sooooooo long to heal
    B. 2:30 with 110#!!! 🙌🙌👊 I have no idea where that came from but it felt good! Shout out to Kim for cleaning the weight back up for me haha 😊😊❤❤
    C. Used the 36kg aka huge ass kettlebell… I struggled haha
    D. Done with wavy bar + 10# plates
    E. 8 rounds I think w/ Abmat and 10# plates on the side. Also kinda lost track of time lol awkward
    3 rounds and 8 reps I think???

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  6. A: done, struggled with the right leg on the box.
    B: 2:57 with 103#
    C: 53# – I think? I used the second biggest kb whatever that is
    D: ran out of time for this – will make up
    6+2 – did 3 strict hspus with one mat each round wooooooooo!!!!



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