May 4th, 2016

40 Minute Run or 60 Minute Hike (or something else that gets you out of the gym)



  1. I ran today!! Running is always harder than I think it’s going to be haha

    I’ve been having a rough week so far in pretty much every aspect of my life, but I’m grateful that I got to go outside today, that I have two strong legs and two strong lungs that let me run for forty minutes (and do many other things), and that I get to work out and share laughs with great, happy, welcoming people (i.e. YOU ALL), almost all of whom I didn’t even know three months ago. Today might not have been the best day of my life, but there’s still much for me to be thankful for, and BAD DAYS BUILD BETTER DAYS (repeat to self 34985274 times) and there is tomorrow to look forward to 🙂

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  2. Taking the rest of the week (at least) off to bounce back from some fatigue. Heading down to Florida tomorrow to visit the Moms for the rest of the week. Hopefully I’ll be back at it next week! See y’all soon!

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