April 8th, 2016

*Today we will be maxing out the Snatch and Clean & Jerk; If you missed any tests from the week, or just want another crack at the Sorenson test, you can add that in at the end.

We will be starting a strength/accumulation phase of training after this week, with the goal of improving everyone’s overall strength, gymnastic capabilities, and aerobic capacity.Β Β  More details to come, but be ready to get strong!

Side note: if the strength tests aren’t going your way this week, don’t fret; it’s totally normal to feel a bit of a lull in that department after the competitive season. This week has been helpful in getting a snapshot of where everyone currently is, but some people will take a bit more time than others to recover from the Open.


A. Take 15-20 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Snatch

B. Take 15 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Clean & Jerk

Make-up of any tests from the week, or extended mobility/cooldown



  1. A. 195
    B. 225

    Came in at 8am. Took a mental health day from work. Did not wear lifters or belt today. Similar to Matt and Jake, I want to work on consistency and not have to fall back on a belt or lifters as a crutch. I was actually pretty surprised that I hit these weights so early in the morning.

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  2. A. 103#
    This is 5# under my PR. I didn’t push much, since my form completely fell apart. I am committing to not going up in weight on the snatch unless my form is good. Gonna spend the next few months trying to develop something close to acceptable snatch technique. The struggle is real.
    B. 163# matches my PR. Couldn’t get under 168# (would have been the second time I’ve cleaned this weight since Saturday). Usually the jerk is the limiting factor for me, but I’ll take 100% on any lift this eek!



  3. A. 175, struggled at 165 for a while, but 175 was better. Attempted 185 a few times and almost had it.
    B. 215 (10# C&J PR) Missed jerk at 230 a few times. At heavier weights I psych myself out and don’t commit. Happy that I was able to clean 230 consistently since I just got that for the first time yesterday.

    Plank tests: done and done.

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  4. Snatch- 118 , 123 was there I just couldn’t get under it.
    C&J- 153, cleaned 158 but couldn’t get the jerk. Cleans felt strong though!
    Made up the 1000m row 3:58.1



  5. A. 123, attempted 138 a bunch of times
    B. 143, missed 153 a few times (leggies are weak)
    1k row – 4:00.3

    Thanks Emma for videoing me for all 27 of my 138# attempts! Thanks Brayn for the coaching! And sorry Susan for letting the weight win today!

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  6. A. 175 (matched my PR) 185 and then 180 just a little out of reach today.
    B. 205, missed 215 just barely, then 225 just barely. Was pretty tired after snatching. My PR here is 235.



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