April 5th, 2016

A. Take 15 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Power Clean

B. Take 15-20 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Back Squat

C. Against a 2:30-running clock, complete:
20 Clean & Jerks (95/65 lb)
20 Burpees to 6″
Assault Bike for Max Calories in Remainder

Rest 5 minutes, then…

Against a 2:30-running clock, complete:
20 Clean & Jerks (95/65 lb)
20 Burpees to 6″
Assault Bike for Max Calories in Remainder

D. Side Plank Test; goal is 90 seconds each side

E. Sorenson Test; goal is 2 minutes


-Take as much warm up as you need on Parts A and B to find your true current max

-Part C is ALL OUT effort, both times through.

-Please check out the videos below for demos of the Side Plank and Sorensen Hold; Both of these tests are extremely important for your long-term development, so please do not skip these.  If you fail either one, note what your limiting factor was.

D Side Plank from MoveSkill on Vimeo.



  1. A. 150# PR! One week off with Viennese pastries and schnitzel and ice cream and beer = gains it would seem.
    Also this is 5# heavier than my squat clean PR… hmm. Need to work on that bottom position.

    B. 185#; felt smooth. I got greedy and tried (and failed) 195 twice. 😥 😥

    C. 1) 20 C&J + 20 burpees
    2) 20 C&J + 16 burpees
    Clean and jerks were harder than I thought they would be haha.

    D. Right: 90s; Left: 100s. Probably should have rested a bit more between C and D.

    E. 2 minutes (y) Seriously expecting my glutes to be super sore tomorrow.

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  2. A. #168 PR?
    B. #225 meh hit 245 before the open
    C. 1. Got on the bike no calories
    2. 3 cals
    D. 👍🏻
    E. Clock was reset so I got a little over 30 sec then restarted and got 1:43

    My legs have felt weak the past 2 days and my shoulder is still bothering me :/ but other than that feel pretty good.



  3. A. 205, jumped to 220 🙄 And missed multiple times
    B. 325
    C. 7 cals in 20 secs , rd2 7 cals in 22 secs
    First round cleans were unbroken. Second round broke them up 14/4/2 but burpees felt good here.
    D1. 90 sec both sides
    D2. Passed 🤗 (2 min)



  4. A. Up to 148. I know I have hit 153, maybe 158 on the PC in the past. Not today.
    B. 235 today. 20# under PR.
    Strength is still not 100%

    15 burpees*
    I misread this and only went for 2:00 the first time. Testing week is teaching me that my weakness is reading workouts properly.
    2 cals

    I checked the clock and I was going exactly the same rate (maybe slightly faster) the second time through, so I think I would have gotten about the same had I worked the last 30 seconds.

    90 sec left ✔️
    90 sec right ✔️
    2:00 ✔️

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  5. A. 255
    I think my PR IS 260-265?

    B. 315
    Heaviest I could go today. Went beltless. 350 PR. Haven’t felt strong lately.

    C. Quit about 15 reps in. Wasn’t feeling it today.

    D1. Skipped
    D2. 70 seconds

    So far I’ve been having a pretty tough time staying motivated this week. On to the next one.



  6. A. 138
    B. 225 (5 lb less than previous 1RM)
    C. 12 burpees, 9 burpees
    D. Right – 60s think my positioning was off or I was just lazy
    Left – 90s
    2:00 done- felt fine

    First time back in about 2 weeks since the open. Felt okay but loss some strength



  7. A. Up to 225. PR PC is 235.

    B. Up to 275. PR is 320. 275 was heavy feeling!

    C. 4 cals (UB) & 5 cals (12/4/4)

    D. Planks: done. Brutal.
    Other thing 75 seconds. Bummer. Hamstrings were too shot from soccer last night.

    Overall good day



  8. A. 265. Added a bit of an early arm bend and got the bar to the hips and it helped tremendously.
    B. 405. #20lb beltless PR. Doing all my squats/lifting beltless and without lifters.
    C. 0 CALS, 1 CALS. The C&J were all unbroken.
    D. 90 Seconds/side
    E. 2 minutes



  9. A. 153. Got that 2/3 time. Then failed 3/3 times at 158. looking forward to working these till they get better.
    B. 215. 25# off my PR before open. A definite struggle.
    C. 0 cals, went 10 seconds over on burpees, round 2 got 3 cals
    D. done
    E. done

    Am trying my best to make up everything from the week by Sunday…snow, rugby and tournament planning is interfering this week.



  10. A: 158 – only 5# less than my PR
    B: 210, again, 5# away, I’ll take it
    C: 18 burpees, 19 burpees. Worlds slowest burpee-er haha
    D: 60 seconds on right, this really bothers my shoulder so I held it until my shoulder hurt, 90 on the left side good shoulder
    E: 2 mins woooo

    Also made up the bench press today, got 110 as a max (didn’t have a spot so I didn’t push it) and then got 95 3 times, again, no spot so just took it to almost failure.



  11. A. 230 (15# PR)
    B. 295 (30# under PR)
    Ya win some, ya lose some.
    Ran out of time so skipped C and D. Will do the tests tomorrow.



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