April 4th, 2016

*Our first Off-Season training cycle starts today!  If you know anyone looking to jump into our program, this first testing week is the perfect time to do so!

As I mentioned last week, we are looking for feedback/thoughts on where you feel you need the most improvement. I’ve read the comments so far, and I agree with most of you that overall strength/structural balance, gymnastic skills, and some pure, overall engine-building should be the focus right out of the gates.  However, you guys are the ones living this, so the more info I can get from you, the better!

A. Complete as many reps as possible for each of the following:
2 Minutes of Muscle-Ups
Rest 60 seconds
2 Minutes of Alternating Pistols with Kettlebell (24/16 kg)
Rest 60 seconds
2 Minutes of Strict Handstand Push-Ups (if you can’t do them strict, then scale to kipping)
Rest 60 seconds
2 Minutes of Strict Supinated-Grip Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Rest 60 seconds
2 Minutes to establish a max effort L-Sit Hold
(you only get one attempt to hold for as long as possible)

*Compare to November 17th, 2015, if you were following along then.

B. Take 15 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Power Snatch

C. Take 10-12 minutes to build to a 1-RM Close Grip Bench Press (hands at approx. 16″ apart)

Rest 5 minutes, then…

D. One set for max reps @ 85% of Part C

E. For time:
1000 Meter Row*

*All out effort here; warm-up as you need to



  1. A. 29/22/12/15/22 = +1/+2/-1/+3/+2
    B. 185 – didn’t feel great here. Not a ton of leg drive. Playing around with a more narrow grip. The turnover feels better here, but will take some time to adjust to.
    C. 230/195×7
    D. 3:17.6 – feel like I had some more here if I had approached it a little different. Stayed ahead of 1:40 pace until 250, picked up to 100 and then sprinted. The last 250 felt better than anticipated, and the 100 felt solid.

    Satisfied with today’s result for the beginning of the cycle. Excited to use this as a launch point for the off season.



  2. Worked up muscle ups while Matt did his gymnastics.

    A. 200 #5lb PR
    *these were great up to 185
    B. 260 #5lb PR
    *loved benching today
    C. 220×5
    D. 3:16
    *kicked at 300 and then sprinted the last 100



  3. A. 17(+2)
    12(+4) weighted at 53#
    6(-7. Damn)
    21 chest to bar(I did 21 with 12 chin ups and 9 chest to bars last time, so big improvement)
    9 seconds (-6 damnit again)

    155. 10# under PR
    185, missed 210 and 200. Last time I hit 205.
    8 at 155
    Energy levels pretty low, frustrating day of training.

    3:25.3 it hurt.



  4. A. 13/?/?/23/?
    Really wasn’t feeling this. Chest and shoulders tight. Started pistols at 24kg and stripped down to BW. HSPU’s were kipping. Did a knee tuck in lieu of L sit.

    B. 185

    C. 210/180×5
    Press needs to be a priority for me going forward. This is way out of whack.

    D. 3:36.3



  5. I was pretty sure I did worse today, since I’m still under the weather and feeling weak AF. Looked back and was happy to see I improved in some places!
    5 MU (last time I did 36 ring dips)
    12 pistols ( 9 last time)
    7 SHSPU (4 last time)
    14 SC2B
    B. 98#
    C. 125#
    3 @ 105
    D. 4:00.1

    Both lifts were about 10# under PRs. Definitely didn’t feel like I had fill strength today. Row felt good. Was shooting for sub 4, almost there! Fussed with the monitor a little too much in the first few hundred.



  6. Did it in reverse due to time, started with B->A
    B. 150 my highest max is 155
    C, 225 lost sooo much gainz here :/ shoulder isn’t strong yet
    D. 7 @190
    E. 3:37 4 sec pr! I first thought it was a 15 sec pr, but was only 4. Still pumped!
    A. 14/32/31/20/15
    Open with 10 mu’s dumbest thing ever completely died after. Pistols I did 4 with 24kg rest were bw.



  7. A. 12/25/14/14/:30
    B. 113; squeezed this out i dont know what was going on but felt weak.
    C. 135; 115×5
    Skipped row going to make it up Thursday… Have a ton of work this week, looked at the time and got stressed and needed to go study 🤓



  8. Hi!!

    I couldn’t make the gym today slash pretty much all last week so I’ll make sure to make up this testing throughout the week. I’ve been a slave to my job lately because we’re super short staffed. rawr. annnyyyywayyyyyy…I’LL BE THERE TOMORROW THOUGH I PROMISE.

    The things I’d like to see this training season mostly echo what others have already said. but:
    – My biggest weaknesses are gymnastic body weight movements (i.e. t2b, pullups, push ups, ring dips, hspus, muscle ups…), and strict press and pull strength.
    – I’d like to try to get my front squat (and my back squat) strength to increase in order to translate this to my oly lifts since my max front squat right now is 185, which is only 20# less than my all time clean PR haha.
    – i have trouble with muscular endurance (if that’s a thing). I lose my ability to link pullups and t2b and ring dips and push ups pretty quick. I’d like to work on that.
    – I’d like to continue/even maybe add to the midline work we’ve been doing. I never use a belt when I lift (personal preference) and I feel like having a strong midline really allows me to do this

    Adam – as everyone else already said, thanks so, so much for all the progress i’ve seen so far and thanks to all you for being super awesome and helping to push me to be better! Even though I ranked lower than my last two years in the open, the workouts were much higher skill and I don’t think i would have done as well as I did this year if I was still at the level I was last year!

    See you crabs tomorrow 🙂

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  9. A. 10 MU / 1 pistol / 8 SHSPU / 14 SC2B / :21 L sit
    B. 123#
    C. 125#; 105×10 (probably not a true max, I rushed)
    Skipped the row to go play soccer where our opponents didn’t show up. A win is a win. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I’m really excited (*nervous*) to shift my focus from soccer to crossfit. As long as I can get/stay healthy, this will be the first year where I can actually set goals and train my weaknesses. That being said, everything is my weakness (especially deadlifts, I’m really really bad at deadlifting). And of course, thank you so much Adam for being a homie and hooking me up with awesome programming since Freshman year!

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  10. A. 17MU(+8) / 39 Pistols @ 24kg (+10) / 21 HSPU (Last time I did it with an abmat and no plates by mistake, so I don’t know if I improved or not) / 16 C2B (-2) / 0:31 (+0:7)
    B. 155 (I think this is my previous PR), tried 165 a few times and was super close, but couldn’t quite get it. Up to 155 felt good though.
    C. Skipped
    D. 3:30.5 – I don’t think I’ve done a 1k before so I think I held back more than I should have. Sprinted the last 100, but couldn’t bring my time down. Probably should have kicked a little sooner.



  11. Finally got all the pieces of Monday made up. Longest week…

    A. about 10 MU attempts/17 pistols (prob about 11 were to depth)/17 HSPU/8 CTB
    B. 108. 5# off my PR
    C. 160. That might be a matched PR
    D. 3 at 135#
    E. 4:15 approx. I got distracted watching others lift weight and went about 50 m over before realizing…



  12. I ONLY DID THE ROW and I did it 4/11 but I thought I’d put it here lol
    REALLY ANNOYED because that’s 4 seconds off my time from last July-ish. Also another PSA: don’t try to listen to your own music IT WON’T WORK. My earphones came out and everything was a mess and I wasted a few seconds after pulling 250m D:

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