March 30th, 2016

*Our first Off-Season training cycle will begin on Monday, April 4th.  Between now and then, training will be light, fun, and informal.

I would love to hear from all of you regarding what you would like to see in the upcoming weeks/months, as well as what you felt like was effective for you over the last few months of training.  I think we are all on the same page that the focus in these next few months should be on getting collectively stronger, while building a big aerobic base.  However, I want to know what each of you think is your biggest area of weakness, and what you learned from competing in this year’s Open.

A. Three sets of:
Sott’s Press (or Press in Snatch) x 5 reps
Rest as needed

B. Three sets of:
Trap-3 raise x 8 reps/arm
Rest 45 seconds
Bulgarian Split Squat x 8 reps/leg @3011 (unweighted)
Rest 45 seconds
Arch Hold x 20-30 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

C. Every minute, on the minute, for 20 minutes:
Odd Minutes: Assault Bike 12/9 Calories
Even Minutes: 150 Meter Run



  1. A. 45 across. So bad at these.
    B. Skipped
    C. Did these at 10-11 Cals a time.
    ran. This got my heart rate up.

    I’d say I’m looking for some more accessory work to work my weak side and my weaknesses. Such as hamstring work, shoulder work and what not to make sure both sides are firing. I also need to forever work on HSPUs strict and kipping, and pistols, muscle ups etc.



  2. My triceps have been bothering me so I just did C. I was only able to keep up 12cals for the first 7 rounds or so and then it dropped to 10.

    Based on what I noticed during the open I think my biggest weakness is endurance and efficiency. Sometimes I found myself not super drained, but my muscles were at failure already or my grip failed, etc. Or on the reverse, when I got tired my form broke down and I was using more muscle than I probably needed to and hit a wall.

    So beyond just working on strength and endurance maybe more drills breaking down movements would be helpful. For example, there was one drill you had us do for muscle-ups where we stopped before pressing up and for some reason after that it totally clicked for me and I haven’t failed a muscle up since. I remember thinking “oh, this is what it’s supposed to feel like.” It could still use work, but at least I’m not missing them.

    oh yeah. and double-unders foreverrrr

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  3. A. Up to 85lb
    B. Complete. Used a pair of 16kg KB for the Bulgarian squats.
    C. Complete. 12 cals. This was pretty tough.

    I would love to see an increased focus on Olympic weightlifting and overhead work. One of my goals this year is to get my jerk stronger and more consistent. I also just love to lift, squat, etc… Hypertrophy work would be fun too. Beach season is coming.

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  4. Jumped in class, body still a bit beat up from 16.5.
    But for programming help. I wouldn’t mind seeing some Crossfit open type workouts to boost the endurance. I know it’s stupid programming but one every week might help. Some accessory work to make my hamstring, back and shoulders stronger. Overall thank you very much for helping me have a kick ass performance in the open after only training 4 months from my rehab.

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  5. A. 3×5 @85
    B. skipped
    C. DONE

    In terms of programming, I feel that as a whole the group could use more focused gymnastics drills and skill work so that we can develop a base of which to do the “crossfit” gymnastics movements. Also as James mentioned, maybe for the next 8 weeks we could have some sessions that focus on attaining the… hyper-TROPHY! (just to look a bit more jacked)

    Also aside from trying to fix our movements and getting really strong I’d like to see some workouts that make us just want to die. Simple workout’s that all we can do is work hard and go to the dark place. For me personally, that is something I used to be very good at when I started CrossFit, go too hard and keep going. We were all really good at that when we first started but as we progress we instead try to make each workout “as easy as possible”. Re-learn the suck.

    And to echo Brayn, thank you for helping us all turn into beast’s and crush the 2016 open!

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