March 28th, 2016

*Unless you are completing 16.5 for a second (or first) time today, congratulations on being officially done with the 2016 Open!

We gave out some awards last night, and I will definitely be putting a blog post together that will summarize our thoughts and reflections from this year’s competition.

I advise all of you to stay away from working out today, and avoid going to the gym at all if possible.  This entire week will be oriented around physical and mental restoration, with some easy and fun work outs, but I strongly encourage taking at least today completely off from exercise.  Use this hour (or two) that you normally spend training to reflect on your last year, and think about putting together some goals for the next competitive “season.”  Or, you can just not think about working out at all.  Either one works.

Again, great job everyone!  We are super proud of how you represented the Range in this year’s Open!




  1. Thanks Adam for all your hard work with this group. By far the best Open I have ever had and I know the my growth as an athlete was exponentially improved due to your coaching and programming. Huge shout out goes to the whole group of you that I am lucky enough to train with too, for keeping it intense but also incredibly fun and amusing. Can’t wait for the next year of training with you all, if you are near or far!



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