March 23rd, 2016

A. Take 10 minutes to build to a heavy-ish single Thruster
*Once your speed through the middle of the rep slows significantly, shut it down and move on

B. Three sets of:
Single Arm Dumbbell Row x 8 reps each arm
Rest 45 seconds
Hollow Rocks x 20-30 reps
Rest 45 seconds
Kneeling Kettlebell Halos x 5 reps each direction (slow and controlled)
Rest 45 seconds

300 Meter Run @ your best mile pace
Rest walk 50 meters
200 Meter Run @ 5 seconds faster than your best mile pace
Rest walk 50 meters
100 Meter Sprint @ 95% (stay away from all out effort here… keep it under control)
Rest 2 minutes
x4-5 rounds



  1. A. 85 – 115. 115 felt good so then I tried 125 and that didn’t end up so good hehe. I think I could’ve gotten 120, though!

    B. 35# DB row, 30 hollow rocks. I used a 12kg KB for the halo things.

    C. WOW MY PACING SUCKS. I just need to go slower on the longer runs. These hurt a lot less than last week’s runs.
    Standard: 7 min mile.
    Target time for 300: 1:19
    Target time for 200: :47/:48
    Actual results:
    1. 1:15 / :46 / 20
    2. 1:12 / :47 / 20
    3. 1:12 / :46 / 19
    4. 1:16 / :46 / 19



  2. A. 138#
    Rows: 40,45,45
    Rocks: 30
    Halos: 16 kg x 3
    Did 4 sets. Didn’t get my times for each run, but total sets were about 4:00 each. Focused on my breathing and didn’t cramp up. That’s a win!



  3. A)135-215
    B) Done
    C) Ankle and forearm are hurting so I hit the bike.
    1:15 80%
    :45 Slow
    :45 85-90%
    :45 Slow
    :15 100%
    2min rest



  4. Feeling busted so just did the track workout. On the track. BTDubs, so much better. I’m not salty about dodging pies or anything.

    4 rounds – went quite a bit faster than my mile time, but it felt good and I was able to keep up that pace throughout.
    :53/39/:15 – first time on the track in like a year, didn’t know what to do with myself. Legs got away from me and I went out too fast.



  5. A. Worked up to 143#. Missed the first time and caused a scene when all the plates fell off, so I just redeemed self and got the next time and moved on.
    B. 40, 45, 45 + 30 hollow rocks x3, 35, 44, 44 on the halos
    C. Timed full round from 4min to 4:20min. These felt better last week.

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